How many times have you been given a glucagon injection?

I've given my husband glucagon 3 times in the last 3 years. He wouldn't wake up in the morning for work, so I injected him and he was fine after that. If my husband is low when he needs to wake up, he either doesn't wake up or he acts drunk (slurred speech, altered mental state, aggression).

I'm just wondering when you've been injected with glucagon, who injected it, and what were the circumstances.

only once in the past 4.5 years

i have never been injected with the glucagon. i almost had to be when i was 28 but thankfully my mom woke me and made me check. i saw my number and had whatever i needed to increase my number.

I've thankfully never had to use a glucagon! I do wake up low from time to time and have the kinda "drunk'  feeling, very lethargic and out of it.

I've never had to use the glucagon. (=

This morning i would have almost needed it if i had not gotten up and tested. But thankfully i have never needed to use a glucagon. :)

it's an injection??

i thought it was a gel you took orally??

i was given the choice of either having 2 glucagons shot in my leg or a three day stay in the hospital i didnt hesitate on the glucagon idea

my thighs killed after that nite!!!!

Ive luckily never had to in almost 4 years, I hope it stays that way!

I had it once when I was a kid, started having a fit when I sleeping so mum gave it to me. Then I was vomitting for hours after!


it was about a year after i was diagnosed (1994) and i was only 8 years old.  it was a school day, my mom gave me my morning insulin and sent me to get ready for school while she finished making breakfast.  apparently i laid back down in bed and fell asleep.  she stood me up to walk me down stairs and feed me, but i wouldn't really wake up for her so she laid me down at the top of the stairs and gave me the glucagon.  i woke up in the hallway and my brother gave me a 4oz juicy juice box and some oyster crackers.  ate breakfast, and went to school.

Not once in the almost fourteen years I've had it.  I always have to throw it away and get a new one.

I'm surprised how many of us (that have posted so far anyway) haven't used it. Me either. Yay. :)

i haven't used it either. like joe, i usually end up throwing it away. there was one time i wouldn't wake up from a nap (i think i was 8 or 9?) and my mom picked up some gluc at the pharmacy but we ended up not needing it because i came around on my own as she was coming back home.

glucagon is an injection. it's injected into the muscle. i have heard it can come in a gel form (?) but i've never seen it offered anywhere.

I was only diagnosed in December, but so far I haven't had to use mine yet =]

My endo just changed my carb to insulin ratio, and I've been low lately.  I've been keeping one with me when I go to friends' houses just in case.

smart thinking, lindsey! it's a great idea to keep glucagon with you especially when you're changing your insulin.

I have never had one.

Two times for the shot and one time someone forcibly gave me glucose in a tube, that stuff if NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!

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glucagon is an injection. it's injected into the muscle. i have heard it can come in a gel form (?) but i've never seen it offered anywhere.


i've never had to use it, but i've only seen it in tube form. i threw mine out finally this year when i realized it was 2years expired and we'd carried it from move to move for the last 10 or more years!


Lol, a few months back I found a glucagon kit dating one year after my diagnosis. So I guess the good news is that I don't really use it. What a waste, but better to have stuff lying around.