How many times per week do you exercise?

I exercise at least 3x per week or more. I do cardio and weight training combo.

I try to exercise as much as possible, but I have to watch my blood sugar the rest of the day.  If I go on an hour run at 11:00 am, sometimes the activity doesn't kick in until 7 at night and I find myself eating every half hour to keep my sugar up.  I can do lighter cardio or weightlifting with no problem, but those long runs kill me sometimes.

About the same for me too. In gym class I exercised 70 minutes 5 days a week, but that just ended. So I'm on my own now. Personally, I'm a runner. None of my friends/family are that into it, so I'm usually stuck doing loops on the tredmill talking to the wall because no one wants to go out running ;) for 20-40 minutes at least 3 times a week. Except for a little bit ago; I got fed up with my blood sugars riding 300+ all day, so I ran them out for 5.6 miles. It worked.

I try to exercise at least 3x per week also.  It is the best rx but unfortunately it requires a commitment that is too easily broken.  The more I do, the better my blood sugar.  I was part of the DCCT and one of the unintended results was a substantial weight gain, so I am trying to lose an additional 25lbs.

I excercise with my mom every other night at the gym. I run and lift weights.

Not enough. 

I "try" to work out three times a week, but it's in my living room with a DVD of some sort.  Cardio, yoga, etc.  I try to involve my girls too. 

I'm also trying to get on my bike on the trainer in the basement more (like, I should probably try it once ;-).  We are riding our bikes (I do the JDRF Ride to Cure) in Killington, VT at the end of August.  That's six weeks before we have done our big rides in the past.  I gotta get ready for that.

In the summer, I ride my bike 15 - 30 miles twice a week and we try to do a longer ride (40 - 75 miles) on the weekend.

I'm in awe of you runners.  I have never had the endurance or desire to run.

i exercise 50 minutes in pe a day and i do an hour of tae kwon do 3 to 4  times a week!

I work out every other day at the gym after school. My friends and I go so we make exercising fun and do something different each time. It keeps me more motivated when I go with friends then by myself :-) 

I try to get to the gym at least three mornings a week, but I haven't been able to lately. Lifes been getting in the way.

I like to go to the gym 3-4 times a week.  I do an hour of cardio and then some weights.

Used to be 6-7 times a week, but my schedule now brings me only to about 4-5 times.

i have a trainer(but only 10 sessions left) for weight training that i see at least once a week. sometimes 2 or 3x. i'm suppose to go in myself at least 3x a week for cardio..but it's usually more like once if that cuz i'm so busy between work, social commitments and photography. since the weather is getting nicer though, i've started walking to work no less than 3x a week(i aim for 5x a week, but sometimes i wake up late and don't have time). and subsitute not going to the gym(i really don't like it and i dont have the motivation unless im going to a session) by going for walks on the weekends with my buddies and such. and now that the weather is nice, i'm gonna start hiking at least once every other weekend.

I work out 5 times a week.  Three of those five times are cardio classes (Hip Hop, BodyPump, BodyJam, etc), and the other two times I do 40 minutes of cardio and weights.  If I didn't do the classes, I don't think that I would be going to the gym so often!

Christie those classes sound fun! I wish we had cool ones like that at my gym!

Id say bout 5x a week. Mostly by skateboarding and running. Its helped my BG levels. Allot :)

hmmm i guess i might just be a raelly big over achever.....  i have pe at 8 20 to 9 07 every mon thr fri... all the girls in that class have got our coach talked into gettin us into shape for prom. and thats 5 times a week but i also work out on my own every day at 5 wit a friend of mine and we run 2 or 3 mils (and i dont mean jog we run) and then after our run we strech and start our weights (i perfer the bowflex) we alternate on working on our core then isolate arm and leg muscles and end with crunches in all it takes a good hour or hour and a half. but i'm really athletic i'm in sports just about all year round and my BGs hate me cuz there all over the place for about 3 hours after a work out the only thing i can do is test and drink water cuz everything else effects my BG in one way or another and then just test some more but this carb counting food know it all makes me happy!!!!! i'm gonna check it out and talk to my doc about it see what she thinks

I take a spinning class 3 times a week. I have tennis practices three times a week and I'm constantly cycling on the Lakefront here (when the weather isn't atrocious) and play tennis tournaments continuously throughout the year. So approximately 6 times a week. I take Friday nights off.

I play tennis too, Matt! It's my first year, but I love it. How long have you played?

Practices for me are two hours five days a week, not including matches on weekdays and weekends. We actually just tied our match yesterday, so for our first try out of the gate that was pretty good :)

I hit the gym after work between 3-4 times per week for cardio & weights (and soon, swimming too!), and I usually go hiking with friends on the weekends. I'll sometimes take walks with neighbors on weeknights as well. All the socializing on the hikes and walks, though, does make me wish my gym allowed non-member friends to join me. I do miss having a workout buddy. :o(

To the numbers issue: I find that the more consistently I exercise, the more consistent my BG is. I suffered from rapid swings and uncertainties with my blood sugar (with regards to exercise) more back when I was first diagnosed a year ago. It can tend to happen still, or course, if I slack off by not working out as regularly. In general, though, things seem to be levelling out these days. :o)

My emotions, however, are another forum entirely!!

I've played my whole life. I played in college. I was diagnosed my freshman year of college and it totally took my tennis off the rails, as one might imagine. These days, I play USTA and World Team Tennis and I am just passionate about playing competitively. 

That's awesome that you're out there so often. Are you playing High School or club right now? The great secret about the game is that its just repetition to the point that you no longer have to think about ball striking and where your serve needs to be placed. I always found that when my brain was on 'autopilot' I was much more likely to be hitting winners and putting my serves where they needed to be. 

And this is a game that you'll be able to play it your whole life. And training for tennis keeps you amazingly fit. 

Hoping you're having a fantastic season!