How Many Weeks Did You Make It Before Delivery/C-Section?

Good Morning Everyone!

I am currently 27.5 weeks pregnant and as I am now in the 3rd Trimester I am starting to get really excited - and a little nervous - about our baby girl's arrivial in what is supposed to be early August (8/3 is my official due date).

I have heard that most diabetics don't typically make it the full 40 weeks. So I was just looking for some feedback on how long my fellow Type 1's made it before their doctor recommended they be induced or have a C-section...or how far along they were before they went into "regular/normal" (if there is such a thing) labor. Last time our doctor did a measurement of the baby she was "normal" sized - but starting the last week in May I will be going in to my high risk OBGYN 2 times a week to make sure everything is looking okay.

I appreciate your advice!