How much do i eat

omg I love to play sports but when i do i always eat to much or not enough and in go high or low wat do i do?!!!!

You should look for a pattern. Is there a certain sport during which you always go high? If so then eat less before that activity. If there are sports in which you always go low, eat more before those. Hope that helps. 

I feel the exsact same way!!!! every time i eat be4 i do sports or active playing, it will go low ang when i dont eat anything it allways goes high, or is it the other way around! UGGGGG! i am sooo confused. LOLOL!

LOL I hate It Its so annoying how do u deal with it Evi

haha i hate when that happens too.  It is so random when it happens.  Basketball and weightlifting makes me go low all the time while football, soccer, and track make me go high sometimes depending on the competition.  I just got a powerbar gel for the low times.  And high, of course, i take a shot, but not too much.  Cause  i've had moments I go sky high and then sky low.  It makes me not want to work out then cause i got no energy!!!!

I got a good handle of it now, but it still sux! O well,  at least we can still run and play sports at least.