How much do you love your pump--today?

I hear the word love used a lot with pumps--since my teen is still on shots--I wondered on a scale of 1-10 --how much do you love your pump -today ?

Today? Zero bits.

dont worry alyssa, yesterday i hated my pump. tthe cgm wasnt reading my blood sugar accuralty and i really needed it too and it kept alarming for me.

today, so far i love it 100%. but, i havent done anything with it yet.


My daughter loves her pump. she has had it for 3yrs. the first yr she didnt wear it to much anxiety. now she adds the insulin and everything. almost as much about it as i do. Another thing I like about it there is that the meter that she has automatically once she takes her blood sugar shoots the reading to her pump. so makes it really easy to give insulin.

The pump gives her freedom to go and I honestly have gotten lazy cuz her insulin is with her all the time. so I dont have to get the syringe ready hunt down the insulin all that. Just test her sugar and give her a bolus. there are so many positives with having a pump. I wouldn't ever go back to shots...good luck to you and your son or daughter.


On a scale of 1 to 10 I love mine a 10 every day. i love my daughter having one just as much because it makes like so much easier for us. She is only 5 but I am pretty sure on most days when she wants to eat all day she loves it just as much as I do. She loves not having to stop and take shots every time she eats.

20 it is my fav thing in the whole world it mite just b cause its pink but it also may be that i was getting way to much negative attention when i was on shots

o ya and i have been on a pump for 61/2 years now


10.  Convience is biggest factor.  Yes, I can link up the CGM to it as bonus points.  I love the fact that my basal rates can be adjusted to my metabolic changes.  Lots of times I wake up the same BG as I was when I went to bed.  Or when I use the CGM, I see nothing but a flat line, indicating my sugar didn't change more than 10 to 20 mg/dl in the last 8 hours.  I couldn't get that with daily or bid(bid=twice a day) Lantus doses.  To top it all off, my pump keeps track of how much active insulin is in me, meaning that if I correct a 250 blood sugar with 6 units of insulin and I am like 220 an hour later, it automatically factors in my active insulin to determine if I need another bolus or not.  It is much harder to stack insulin because of this. 

There is a bit of a learning curve.  Because of mistakes I made, I have been able to learn and adjust my negative behaviors in regards to pumping. 

The other negative would be the nighttime disconnects where you wake up 300+ and find the pump completely disconnected. However, I would still say a 10, because if it were perfect, then I might trust it less.  I'm the kind who feels a little more secure planning for what might go wrong, rather than trusting that nothing will. 

I hope your teen might find it as liberating if you make the choose to pump.


I have had type 1 for 5 years and been on the pump for 2 1/2. I love my pump so much - I was up to 8 shots a day before I started pumping. The convenience is amazing - as well as being able to look back at your bolus history and see how much insulin you've already given yourself. I know when I was on shots, occasionally I would be unable to recall if I had already given myself insulin before my meal. My pump remembers all that information for me!

Within 3 months of starting on the pump, my A1C dropped from 8.6  to 7.1! Since I've been on the pump, it has hovered around 7.1 (and I'm still working on getting it even lower).

AND I just got set up with a continuous glucose monitor last week - and it is wonderful! It communicates with my pump, and I can see graphs which track what my sugars have been doing every 5 minutes over the past three hours and past 24 hours.

I'm on the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 522 insulin pump, and I am currently using the Medtronic Real-Time CGM sensor. I love it so far!

I can already notice a difference using my CGM - i'm almost obsessed with keeping my numbers in range 24/7. Hopefully I can finally get an A1C below 7 now!

I'm going with 9. It's still way new to me (1 week!), and it is easier and more convenient than shots. However, I hadn't realized how much work the Lantus was doing for me. I used to be able to eat ~10g carbs w/o bolusing and not see it in the numbers. Now 5g will cause a raise. Also, since I'm so new to it, I'm nervous about finding sites that don't hurt. And it's more of a hassle to test now, because i don't already have my supplies out when i eat. When i can get an integrated meter and pump, then i'll say 11+.

Also, I love eating fruit. I missed it so much.

I'll give it an 8.

My infusion set is a little itchy right now, and I'm about to go on a run and the pump isn't the most convenient to thing to work around when working out.

But I haven't taken a single shot today so it has its trade-offs.  I'm a happy pumper.

on average 10 without a doubt the difference between night and day but...

when the battery gets low... 1 (i want to chuck it against a wall with all the alert beeping)

Overall, I'd give it a TEN!

There are some problems and some little annoying things that come up, but the lifestyle, at least for me, is so much easier and I feel like I have so much more freedom. I have the Ping, so when I test on my meter, the blood sugar is transmitted to my pump and the amount of insulin is calculated, plus there's a food database in the Ping meter, so if I'm out, I can look up carbs, etc, easily. Plus, I went from 8-12 shots (I had to take multiple shots of Lantus because I'm insulin-resistant and obviously shots for food and BG) to changing my site every 2 days. I find myself testing more often too. I know it may sound strange, but I only tested minimally to avoid taking ANOTHER shot before.

I agree with the alert thing though! Sometimes I just yell it it. My friends think it is funny, but it does get annoying getting an alert every five or ten minutes when a temporary rate is one or the battery is low or something. I need to keep the sounds on high because when I kept them on vibrate during the day I'd forget to turn them up at night and so I wouldn't wake up. But when it starts playing Fur Elise in the middle of class...twice.... it is rather embarrassing.

Absolutely a 10! I love my OmniPod! It is freedom!

Today I would have to give it like a 7, cause I keep going low and I havent changed anything. Super annoying!

If I averaged my love I'd give it a 7 :P But day by day it varies greatly

Depending on the day it probably varies from 5 - 10.  I love the freedom and can't imagine having to deal with shots, but I find doing set changes annoying/frustrating, as well as the inconvenient "pump lump", and how uncomfortable some sites can be.  Still, today I will go with a 9. 

today, i don't mind it too much. i give it a 7. 2 days ago, i was ready to burn it and would have given it a -234. it varies from day to day. i have a love/hate relationship with pumps :o)

Diabetes is my love/hate relationship :P or rather tolerate/hate

i agree, alyssa. most days are tolerable, however i have my moments of 'IHATEYOUIHATEYOUIHATEYOU." i do like that there is a lot of new technology coming out designed to make living with d easier. i just wish it was all completely perfect, 100% accurate, affordable.... and like not having diabetes at all ;o) that's what i'm waiting for.