How much do you pay a year?

So I need a gradual understanding on how much you as an adult pay a year for all your medical needs, I'm on pen needles I use novorapid and lantus, any help?

Wow that is a great question without a great answer, lot of factors into that equation. Amounts of insulin daily and type, number of syringes used daily, amount of blood sugars taken (strips) meter supplies daily, swabs, wipes, anything you use to control with including glucose tabs. I did the math once and the most jaw dropping number I came up with was the cost of insulin by the gallon... Between insurance and pay-outs from your pocket, I would say between 10k and 15k without figuring the costs of switching over to pumps, then the $$ really sky on you. If you do the formulas by the day and then to annual costs the math is easier, I know that.  

awwh thanks jeff you help a lot.

if I didn't have insurance...  $6,142.00 but then again, I might not pump if I didn't have insurance.  my copays were over $1500 if you count doctors and deductibles.  had a pretty good year actually.

Let's see....insulin-Lantus and Humalog: $10, Syrynges and pen needles: $31, Other medications-for nerve pain and PCOS: $25, Glucose tabs: $6, Alcohol pads: $2, Lancets: $10....most of these stuff I get from my clinic, Wal-mart and various prescription help programs ...all prices are per 3 month supply....A CURE FOR TYPE 1: PRICELESS!!!

With insurance, I spend about $2,500 yr.  I see you are young and probably aren't taking any other meds - you need to do an A1c at least every 6 months (better if every 3), but you can buy that test off the shelf today. So if you stay active and healthy, you can by with average of $2.00 a day.  I use sugar packs instead of glucose tabs (free) and have for whatever reason rarely change my lancets ... too many years of pricking my fingers ...  when I had a pen injector I used the same syringe top several times as a kid ... if the needle has to be stuck into a bottle it dulls too fast.

Mind you, I did all of this when I was in college and had no insurance ... I'd advise that if you have insurance you see your endo 4X year - Ophthalmologist 1X year - and do all you can to keep low A1c's --

Good Luck ..

With no insurance, insulin alone would be 4K. One thing I will always remember my mother telling me, "Jed, you must always maintain medical insurance" So far, I have with just 1 short time period. 4 months. Been doing this for a while, so where ever I can, I try to cut expenses. But, always see the doctor, do my best to test, and NEVER cut back on insulin to save money. Pump supplies will be used, until they no longer work.

"Accept those things you cannot change"


JED, if you buy the Walmart brand (made by novartus) it's $30 a bottle ... 3 bottles month x 12 = $1,200.  Since I have insurance I don't worry about it ...

Thanks Scott

I do have insurance, so I stick with the Novolod currently. Good advise for others though!!