How much insulin?

Just wondering on average how much insulin you use? I use about 100 units of Humalog every 3 days in my OmniPod. I am almost 20 and weigh 92 lbs right now. I feel like I'm using a lot of insulin, but then again I have heard of some people who use double or even triple what I use. I am on a 1:10 carb ratio

i use a lot more than you - anywhere from 50-100u depending on the day. i'm a 1:7 ratio. 

RachelEmily  -


My TDD is between 26-33 units so I can slide in just under 100 units though I usually  put 150 units in my pods (preparing for the unexpected and all).  My IC is 1:14.  I am a 170 pound guy - a professional computer geek (intermittent activity) and eating a low carb diet and keeping pretty tight control.  

Age, weight, activity level, diet, stress level, an individual's metabolism, and I am fairly certain lunar alignment all change individual insulin needs.  The larger method questions (do you bolus a little ways before you start eating, do you exercise regularly) are things I think we can successfully compare - dosing is different for everyone and I expect it is rare there could be a wrong answer.  For folks who've added a thyroid problem or other metabolic anomalies to their challenges, there can be unhealthy changes in insulin requirements and those problems need to be addressed.  

This is all my long (potentially VERY winding) way to say: with nearly infinite variables the short answer of "you need the insulin you need to achieve euglycemia," is probably the right one. 

It looks like you're paying close attention - in my experience that is the biggest difference maker - so with very little information and no medical background - I'll guess you're doing pretty great :)




I am 23 and I use ~30 units a day, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, so I use about the same amount of insulin you do. I think age has a lot to do with how much insulin you need.  As I get older, I am slowly decreasing the amount I take. I used ~35 units a day when I was around 20, but I was also in college and the endless buffet may have influenced that a little. I also don't follow a specific low carb diet, so I take more insulin than people who do. Don't worry about how much you take, as long as you feel good and are in control, that is all that matters. :)

My daily insulin dose is usually in the low 20s, but I don't need much basal insulin (I think I'm still in a little bit of a honeymoon).  It varies a lot from person to person, though.  Most other type 1s are surprised when I tell them how low my basal rate is.