How much?


So I was diagnosed back in February (2011), and I've adjusted by now. But lately I've been having high numbers (like, 200s all the time) so they changed my ratio to 1:10 (it had been 1:12). Now I'm taking much more insulin than I was before - for instance, instead of maybe 4 units for snack I'm taking 7. I know it's probably normal because I'm probably coming out of my honeymoon phase...yadda, yadda, yadda. It still has me upset, though because it feels like a ton of insulin compared to what it was before. Also, I haven't been exercising (really at all) lately, so I'm wondering if it's just lack of exercise that's bringing my numbers up or if I really am coming out of the honeymoon. What's the normal dose for a 16-year-old girl who's not exercising and was recently diagnosed?

It's all pretty stressful.

By the way, I'm on injections

Hi Carrie. Basically, there is no "normal" dose for anyone. Everyone is different. It's really hard when you are younger to get used to the constant changes. As your body changes and develops your insulin needs will be different. It doesn't mean you are getting "worse" if you take more. It just means that's what you need. Exercise will definitely lower your insulin requirements, but again, maybe by not as much as you want. Don't discount coming out of the honeymoon phase. You never know how much insulin you were still producing.

Try to not get too obsessed with the actual quantities of insulin and worry more about if your numbers are in range and if you feel well.

Best of luck.


this same sort of thing happened to me, and I just upped my Long-acting dose by a couple of units ( I did it one unit at a time for about a week each before upping it again)  You could try maybe doing that...?   another thing to try might be to drink more water... I find that if my numbers are consistantly high for while, drinking 3-4 more glasses of water than I usually do helps to bring them down a bit  :P

Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling better about it now. I actually did up my lantus and that helped...I also think it was a bit of a phase where i was just extra high for a few days. I'll have to try the water thing next time, though, thanks!

I wasn't just diagnosed but believe me, if I could get away with a ratio of 1:10 that would be amazing. my does for breakfast is 1:4 and lunch and dinner are 1:5. I'm 16 and don't exercise as much as I should either.

OMG SAME HERE! I was diagnosed back in February and I've been in the 200s all the time too idk whats wrong... I just upped my nighttime dosage

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Well, I'm not sixteen, but I'm on 1:2 for breakfast and 1:6 the rest of the day.

It varies for everyone. There isn't a "normal" dose. I had a friend growing up who was diagnosed w/in months of me and she always needed less insulin than I did. Insulin needs change all the time depending on your activity, your hormones, the time of day ect. I haven't changed my activity at all and I just dropped my ratios from 1:10 and 1:11 to 1:7 all day. . . It happens. It's totally normal. The most important thing is that your not going too low or too high. As long as you feel good, it doesn't matter if you need 4 units or 7 units to cover the snack.

Hey guys I was just diagnosed 3 months ago. I am 17 years old. I started out with 30 units of insulin and it was much to high and over the coarse of my first two months, I lowered my insulin all the way down to 1 unit in the morning and night. I exercise a ton and eat a very very low carb diet now so i can not do insulin. I have done no insulin for the past month and through strict dieting and lots of exercise. I have also been able to maintain a safe Blood glucose level where it is almost always between 80 and 150. I have had only a few instances where my blood sugar has been below 70 after very rigorous exercise, but i was still amazed it got that low with no insulin. it tends to get high more often but if it does i will just go for a bike ride or run. I would like to hear from anyone else who has done this or still does.