How Often Do People Assume You Have Type 2?

We ran a guest column about a common frustration I and many other diabetics often endure: being confused as a Type 2 diabetic. You can check it out here: Expert: If Only They Knew The Difference Between Type 1 & 2

I am curious how often this happens to any of you?




This happens alot with me.  I have realized that the general public is extremely ill informed about diabetes.  Most people I've ran into have no idea there is more than one type so they obviously have no idea what the differences are.


Probably 90% of the time that I have the need/desire to reveal to some that I have diabetes they assume its type 2.  The other 10% have known someone with type 1, and it's always nice when I don't have to explain the difference and they can tell me their stories.

I have a problem with people being uneducated about diabetes, so I take every type 2 accusation as an education opportunity, though most of the time even after explaining the vast physiological differences between the two types they still tell me about their grandparent and their diet and exercise plan. 

Being in California, a very liberal state where alot of medical research is going on you'd think the general populous would know more. I blame the media, mainly weight loss advertisements, for brain washing people into only seeing one form of diabetes.

p.s. I think Nick Jonas is doing a fantastic job bringing the spotlight to type 1 diabetes.

It happens all the time for me, but to be fair I also was dx'ed at age 52. Even Dr.'s when they find out I am diabetic I get a funny look (not that bad for my age LOL) and the question Type 2???????? When I say no Type 1 dx'ed a little less than 2 years, the look gets really funny and the next remark  "Really?????"

I am polite and say yes, but thinking,  No I just made that up so I could be part of a group and the needles are fake Dumb ____ (you fill in the blank) !!! ROFLMAO  Good thing people can't hear my thoughts!!!! Thank You for this site where I can be me!!!!!