How Often Do You Get an A1C Test?

We ran a story this morning on Diabetes News Hound about a new at-home A1C test kit from Bayer. Check it out here: Bayer Launches At-Home A1C Test Kit

It got me to wondering how often everyone here actually had an A1C test from their doctor and how often you all think an A1C test is necessary? The idea of an at-home A1C test seemed pretty interesting to me, but since it is not intended to replace the A1C test administed by your doctor, is it really needed?


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I used to do mine every 3 months when I had an endo appointment, but now my endo wants me to come every 6 months since I have everything under my A1C will be taken every 6 months...the last one (taken Wednesday 2/17/10) was 6.5 :-)

My A1Cs are done before every appointment with my endo, which is every 3 to 6 months.

Pat congrats on your A1C!!! :)

Mine is done everytime I go into my endo's office!!! Last one was done in January and was 10.7 and I'll have my next one done next week!!!

Brandan has his A1C done at every endo appointment, every 3 months. He just went yesterday and it's 7.9, down from 8.1 at the lest check-up. :)

I get mine done at every endo appointment as well, every 3 months. 

i get mine done every time i see the endo, too. usually about every 3 months, but i haven't been there since november and i won't be able to get back there until july. i made a temporary move 2 hours away for an internship, and i don't get days off. she was okay with having me wait until i was finished because i keep everything in fairly good control. i can always fax her my numbers if i need to.

Mine is every three months too, but I was seeing my endo every week until recently now I see him every month. He's the best doctor I've ever had!

I get an A1C every 3 months - I see the endo every 6 months.