How Often Do You Get Your Eyes Checked?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound this morning about how blindess is becoming less common among diabetics. That's great news for sure. How often do you get your eyes checked out?

Headline For Monday Oct. 12, 2009

Diabetics Less Likely to Go Blind Than in the Past

Several Kinds of New Type 2 Drugs Being Developed

Red Wine Compound May Lead to Type 2 Treatments

Researchers Develop New Type 1 Risk-Assessment Model

i go every year and they check EVERYTHING. my poor eyes get dialated and they put stuff in them to make them numb and a bunch of other stuff. i know that it's important and all that jazz but it's a pain in the butt

endo said once a year-we do that...

Ive gotten mine checked once a year for the last 3 years, and the 4th one will be in feb. I have glasses because of my diabetes, but my vision has stayed the same since I first went to the eye doctor.

about once a year. if i'm having problems with my eyes, or i might have pink eye or something i'll make an appointment to see my eye doctor though. i have glasses and some days it feels like i need a new prescription(which do..but it's so minor it's not worth the $500 and i only get covered $400 under my insurance every 2years for new glasses) so i haven't bothered to get them. he checks everything, and takes a photograph of the back of my eye to compare with the previous year to make sure nothing has changed for the worse and to make sure i am not starting to have complications.


I go annually. Unfortunately, getting diabetes took any chance I had of getting corrective surgery and threw it out the window. :(

That and my eyes keep getting worse...something like -7.25 and -7.50 in my right & left eyes, respectively. Blah

I go annually. This past year I had to go twice though.

I go every 6 months, to an ophthalmologist and get everything done. It would be once a year, but I'm on a medication that can cause side effects in the eyes.

Pat, a couple of people on another D forum told me they were able to get corrective surgery despite the D. But, if your eyes aren't stable, I guess you can't anyways.

For me, I don't mind glasses / contacts, so it's not worth trying to talk them into doing surgery on me. (:

i go every year to year and a half.

i get mine checked every year. no signs of diabetes in my eyes yet thankfully!

I go once a year.  So easy compared to the endo...


Only when I start running into closed doors or pick up the razor and cleanly shave my face only to later find my cat very angry that I shaved her instead of my mug.  Mr. Magoo where are you?

once a year

annualy...this year i think i might finally be needing glasses...soooooooooo sad... i might go broke on this new fashion accessory, it!