How often do you need to change cartridge, infusion set with TSlim X2

My insurance does not cover the Tandem TSlim X2, but I really want to switch to it, particularly for the Basal-IQ feature, which could help my cause greatly. I am looking at taking out a small personal loan to pay for the device itself. I am waiting on Tandem to tell me if my insurance will cover supplies (cartridges, infusion sets), but in case they come back and tell me there is no coverage, I am curious how often these need to be changed so I can see if it’s affordable for me to pay for those out of pocket as well. Any users that can tell me this info? Thanks!

@chckmml, it is advised that the t-Slim infusion set and cartridge be changed every three days. It will continue to function beyond that time as long as there is sufficient insulin in the cartridge.
One thing I noticed when I changed from the Medtronic reservoirs, is that there is not any accessible insulin in the t-slim cartridge once the pump says “0”; my Medtronic always had several units in reserve and has carried me beyond “0” at times when I got caught away from my supplies.

After using three progressively better models of MiniMed pumps I changed to t-Slim in January and really like its performance and its algorithm.