How soon post conception did your BS levels/insulin resistance start?

I have been following this group's discussions for the past couple of months while I got myself in gear and got my cycle back to normal before TTC.  I am experiencing symptoms this week, including a surprising turn in my blood sugars (whereas previously I was avg a 120 test, now I'm averaging an 80) with no adjustment to basal/bolus ratios and no significant weight loss, exercise, etc... According to all I have been reading, I would need to wait another 5 or so days to take a HPT, but am interested to know how soon you all saw a noticeable difference in your sugars following conception.  If I have learned anything the past few months it is that all women are different-just looking for an average I guess!


Thanks in advance



Type 1 23 years, pumping 18 years, CGM <1 year

Sorry-meant to ask when insulin sensitivity started!!

I used less insulin right away in the first trimester, but also had morning sickness that hit around 5pm everyday so I wasn't eating dinner.  

My insulin needs slowly increased as I gained baby weight and then skyrocketed in the 3rd trimester when progestrone levels caused major insulin resistance.

good to know-thank you!

I didn't see any big difference in my blood sugar levels in the first trimester. But, right now I am in my third trimester and I am now seeing the dreaded insulin resistance, especially in the morning hours. You will notice that things can change weekly. Sometimes even daily. What works for a couple of days may not work the next.

You are right everyone is different, so try not to stress out about anything. You will know for sure when you take the pregnancy test. I hope you are preggers!  

Excellent news- 5.7 A1C as of yesterday!!!  I have never been below a 7 in my diabetic life and literally cried, I am so excited for my number and keeping it there.  Still progressing with symptoms, looking to test in a few more days (14 dpo), thank you all for giving me hope

Yay! Excellent!! See you can do it!!!

I required less insulin in the begginng of my pregnancy.  Now, at 26 wks I am having alot more highs.  I assume I'm starting to hit insulin resistance :(