How to ask

Just got back from camp yesterday and it has been floating around in my mind that I should be checked for celiac disease. I've already found that i am allergic to milk and many of my painful symptoms of food allergies has disappeared such as painful hand rashes and blisters, neurological problems, and joint and muscle pain and stiffness.

However after being able to talk with a dietitian at diabetes camp (because my insurance dietitians are not real) and telling her my story she she was pretty concerned that I should also get tested for celiac. Turns out my grandmother died of an upper large intestine cancer almost in the small intestinal tract. My mother is about to be investigated for the same problem =S. She also gets headaches when she eats wheat. And me, I'm just constipated (twice a week going) and still have eczema.

I want to ask my doctor for a test because if I can keep from getting cancer I'd like to. But I don't wanna sound to dramatic because I don't have major symptoms =p any advice?

I went to my doctor and told him the symptoms i was having and when they were happening and asked for the test. it was pretty easy. it's just a blood test after all, it's not like it's a lot of work for them. my mom has had similar problems for years and although her test keeps coming back negative, but our doctor agrees she's probably just sensitive to gluten and said it was likely i did as well.

my test also came back negative, but we think it's the same deal. you can be sensitive without actually having celiac apparently. i find if i eat too much bread in a week, or i drink too much beer(coronas aren't as bad since it's made with korn, but i still get stomachaches almost instantly) then i have the symptoms of celiac. i actually went to the hospital one night because i woke up in so much pain in my stomach i couldn't walk.

my cousin(female) also has her tests for it always come back negative, but she gets so sick when she eats gluten that she avoids it for the most part.


anyways, just go in and explain what's been going on and ask to for a referral form to get the test. even if he tacks on some other tests(I also had an ultrasound to find out if they were gallbladder stones and some other blood tests)

I would get tested for celiacs.. I mean your better off being safe than sorry,,, I was recenly diagnosed with celiac's but I had noo symptoms at all!!! The only reason they found out I had it was because they told us that diabetics are at risk for celiac's. So theyhad tested me every 6 months for it.... & they had said I was trending towards it.. But I'm not afficially diagnosed with it because myy mom took me off wheat imediatlyyy after they called and said myy tesas positive soo because she took me off wheat they couldnt do a biopsy.. But myy blood sugar numbers have been wayyy wayy better ever since I went off wheat.. I go to the doctors tomorrow and there gonna decide if  I should go back on wheat or nott. Cause if I do then they could do a biopsy cause they said blood tests arent always acurate! Anyways if I were you I would gett tested just incase!!! Or go gluten free for a month and see if you feel better!!!!

Good luck!!!!! :)

I think I may have celiac's too. I've been having GI issues that got progreesively worse from January to mid-April (when I went gluten-free) and I had ankle pain during the later months.At my docor's appointment in April, I got the blood test for celiac's and it came back negative, so I'm probably going to go back and get an endoscope.

After a few weeks of a gluten-free diet, my symptoms went away, and when I accidentally had wheat, they came back for about a week and a half :/  But remember, the blood test will come back negative if you're on a gluten-free diet so it's a good idea to eat something with gluten in it for a while before the blood test (but I don't know how long before the appointment- you may want to ask a doctor about that).

i know how you doctor isn't exactly the most open kinda person. i sometimes get nervous telling him when im not feeling good or somethings not right....which isnt good because being a diabetic, we should always get things checked out when somethings not right. so i feel like im complaining or whining when i have concerns or something. but i think i have the symptoms for celiac or gluten intolerance. and my brother just learned that hes gluten sensitive, hes not a diabetic, but it still has me thinking because we both experience similar symptoms.....and as much as id like to avoid the idea that something else could be wrong, id rather take care of it than run. :P

It has just been "officially" determined that there is another classification of gluten intolerance called "gluten sensitivity".  You have similar symptoms as a celiac but your tests come back negative.  I think that's where I fit in as I have all the symptoms listed in gluten sensitivity but my blood tests came back negative.  All I know is that my worsening GI symptoms went away every time I cut gluten out of my diet and they returned once I started eating it again.  It finally all went away when I decided to finally go gluten free last Dec.  I figured eating something with gluten once in a while shouldn't be a problem but boy was I worng.  Had a piece of rye bread at a diner and the symptoms came back in full force and took several days to clear up.  No more cheating for me!