How to chose pump or omni-pod or stay with injections?!

I'm newly diagnosed but my 6 month mark is around the corner and my doctor is pushing me to get either the pump or omni-pod. He's described both briefly and said we'd talk more when I go back for my 6 month visit. But, I'm doing research now just to see what exactly I would like to get when I'm able to. So if you guys could give me any details about your pump/omni-pod expierences and what they're both like I'd greatly appreciate it:D Thanks!

Well i was on shots for 11 years, & have been pumping for almost a year now like literally i actually don't remeber the exact day i got a pump. Anyways! In my personal oppinion shots hurt less then a pump, but pumps are much easier. i have a pink animas ping! 

Pros to pumping: better a1c's (well for me), easier when your on the go, honestly they aren't that noticeable (one of my biggest concerns), if you finish your meal, and then decide you want an extra cookie for example its much easier because you don't have to take another shot, for myself i tended to correct more (ex. earlier if i was like 165 i would probably just leave it, but now its not like i'm taking a shot for like under a unit, i can just bolus and be done) carb counter on the pump makes it easy.

Cons: sometimes it gets tricky when wearing a dress etc., pump sites do come off sometimes or get messed up when inserting (when this happens your bg can go up REALLY fast i have gotten to 490's because of this, you just have to change the site but if you don't notice it right away dealing with a  high bg is a bit tough) 

Funny Story about my pumping experience: Once my pump fell out of my pocket at school and got tangled inside the chair leg/basket thing and i didn't realize it was still tangled so i just put it back in my pocket and then got up to get something, and my site ripped off! That hurt!! lol

Hope this helps :D

Jamie, can I ask... forget the doctor, do YOU want to pump?    that would be the first decision.  I think you can make anything work with effort, so you can have a great A1c with shots or with pumping.

if you don't want one or want to wait - I believe it's your call.  I wanted to pump because of my work travel, and because my basal rates change a lot during 24 hours, so I was pretty miserable on long acting basal insulin.  then I have days that are very active and other days when I am not, so pumping gave me a lot of flexibility.

if you do want a pump, then first check (or have somebody check) what the financial impact is going to be.  pumping costs a lot more than shots, sometimes your insurance company will have a say in what kind of pump you have available to you.  maybe your insurance will pay for any pump, maybe you have enough money to independently decide - but figuring that part our first and you will avoid - "I really want a purple minimed but my insurance won't cover it" issue.

if you want to pump, and you figure out which pumps are available, than I think you should get the pump you want, they are all good, try them out and see which one you like best for whatever reason you like it.   good luck.