How to count carbs in PASTA

Hi everyone! Here is my big question: How do you all measure pasta?

I have always used a measuring cup (1/3 cup=15g). However I have heard there are ways to weigh pasta to count the carbs. Anyone else heard of this, or know how to?

I would think that it would be a lot easier to weigh it. If you've ever tried to detach spaghetti from the bowl and cram it in a measuring cup (while the rest of your family is watching you, getting hungrier by the minute) you probably know what I mean!


I usually count 1 cup is 40 carbs.

But I'll look up the specifics on my phone... all mighty cell phone software says 43 for one cup

Weighing food on a scale definitely makes things a whole lot easier! You can find them in the kitchen section of Bed, Bath and Beyond or a store similar to that one.  The one I have has a button called 'zero' which means you can place a plate or bowl on it and then hit the 'zero' button and then weigh out your pasta directly on the plate you are eating from.  They weigh in both ounces (oz) and grams, I believe and I think they can run about $20 but I'm not positive on that.