How to get cgm that insurance will cover?

How do you go about getting a cgm that is covered by the insurance?  What are the different models, and what do you look for in them to get the best?

I've been looking into a CGM. Here are the important points my insurance is looking for:

1. You have to show medical necessity - lows during the night, frequent lows, women trying to get pregnant, morning (unexplained) highs, poor A1Cs, etc.

2. They want current, peer-reveiwed research (such as a journal article) showing the benefits of using a CGM and how it can help improve glycemic control.

Here is a comparison of the CGMs out there. It says most of them are covered by insurance, but I suppose you always have to check with your own policy. (anyone else notice the girl in the photo is definitely under 18 years old, when the abbott CGM isn't approved for people under age 18? i thought it was funny)

Here's a link that doesn't say "Children with Diabetes" :o)

uh, i just noticed some of the information on that 2nd link for the dexcom is inaccurate (the dexcom has made significant improvements since the time that link was published). sorry for the crappy link :o(

This article on the JDRF website might also help you (it's instructions, step by step, of how to go through the process of getting one approved):