How to get Dexcom G6 to stay for 10 days

Dexcom 6: My son is 3 and just got diagnosed with T1D, we just received G6 however he has being removing it whenever I put it on him the longest day been 5 days. All I have observed is him itching around it. I have tried using double over patch not working. Read somewhere that Flonase works didn’t work for us. Please if there is any suggestions out there to help I will appreciate it. We are back to using the meter.

Hi @jeed1945 . If he’s itching the problem is probably with the adhesive. Below is a link to another question on the topic - Flonase was mentioned but another is a product called SkinTac - and I didn’t read the entire post but there may be even more.
I don’t have a problem with the adhesive but I do find Benadryl - oral or topical - very helpful for itching; but I don’t know if it’s recommended for children that young, and you probably would not want him to have to take it on a regular basis.
Dexcom support may have some ideas, and your son’s doctor or an allergist might be able to recommend some relief as well.
There’s another CGM called Freestyle Libre, and I keep it on hand in case I have any issues with my Dexcom or getting my supplies. Personally I’ve found it about equally accurate - it just does not have the features that interface with my pump. If he’s on injections and doesn’t need that, it could be worth checking out to see if the adhesive is less irritating. All the best to you - if you find something that works please share!

@jeed1945 Hello Esther, and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

I can not offer you any better solutions than the overpatch which you have already tried, other than speaking with your doctor and Dexcom about placing the sensor someplace that he can not easily reach while avoiding placing it someplace that might cause “compression Lows”.

I was in my late 70s when I began using Dexcom sensors and occasionally I do get “an itch” around the site but the itch is caused by the micro wire rather than by the adhesive attachment. I relieve this itch by lightly rubbing or massaging around the insertion area and the itch appears to disappear for a few days; perhaps, you might try to massage around his G6 while cuddling or playing and that MIGHT help.

My daughter gets itchy too. What we do is put a warm compress on it. Also, when putting it on, try doing this thing called “tenting”. Basically, you lift the top side of the applicator up, with it stuck, and the little sensor doesn’t go in to uncomfortable places. If the adhesive is the problem, try a underpatch. She especially likes expression med tapes. They have an adhesive that is good for sensitive skin. Also, for small people, sometimes over patches are to big and pull, so overpatches that are cut down might be a good idea.

Dexcom’s free overpatches use a different adhesive than the sensors . you might try putting an overpatch on 1st and attach the sensor. There’d still be some sensor adhesive in contact with skin, but less of it. Skintac is rosen dissolved in alcohol. it makes for a stickier connection, but it’s made from pine sap. to which some people are allergic.
Alternatives are Tegaderm and other clear membranes made for use with infusion sets. Some use latex adhesives, others silicone.
Itching and rashes are sometimes caused by sweating under a barrier. Salt from sweat accumulates and concentrates. If that’s the issue, a low residue antiperspirant spray may help.

Just curious…yesterday here in MN, the high was 96 degrees with oppressive humidity. We took the grandkids out on the boat, which meant the hubby was in swimming with them. His SimPatch overpatch was already peeling after 7 days and the swimming didn’t help. I had some old Medtronic tape that I added, in hopes of preventing it from releasing entirely–ha! By 7 pm, Dexcom let go entirely, but a phone call at least generated them sending a replacement CGM plus some of their tape. He uses SkinTac under the Dexcom (except in needle area), and the overpatch usually works, but yesterday was just too hot and sticky. I purchased two different types of overpatches yesterday and will have him try one at the next CGM change. Does Dexcom’s patch work any better? We are expecting a string of 100 degree days by next weekend. This has always been frustrating because the hubby sweats a lot
and his skin gets clammy enough to where nothing wants to stick! I bought SkinGrip and FixiC to try next–money back guarantee…thoughts or experience?

No. The free tape from Dexcom isn’t much better. Sometimes they come off no matter what you do. At least Dexcom replaces them even if they fall off at day 9. In a way I’m glad the tape isn’t stronger I get a pretty bad rash by the time I get to day 10 on the back of my arms if they changed the adhesive I might not be able to use Dexcom at all.

I use SkinTac- I recommend the pads rather than the wand and liquid- you can get them on Amazon. A good partner product if you try this is TacAway (removes the sticky residue if you touch the SkinTac which is great for you when applying, and also after changing a site)- it is sticky but also puts a barrier between skin and the adhesive, so it could do the trick. Another idea is GrifGrips- they are over patches and I’m not sure what type of adhesive but really popular for kids because they come in fun shapes and colors and also super effective at staying stuck even with swimming, etc. Hang in there!

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Hello, and welcome to the Forum! I use Flonase, sprayed on the skin. I also use Pepto Bismal, a thin layer on the skin - - this counteracts the acidity of the adhesive. I then apply SkinTac to the area. You can try any/all of these.

You can also try a different overpatch. GrifGrips, as mentioned above, or Sympatch, both available on Amazon, or Pump Peelz ( I would suggest looking for patches that are hypoallergenic." There are several available. Also note, there are 3 or 4 different adhesives used on medical equipment like pumps. So, if your son is allergic to the one he is using, switching to something different might help. These are just some suggestions.

Hope this helps!

Pam K.
T1D 57.11 years and counting!

Thank you all for all your suggestions, I will keep trying and not give up.

Hi again. I use a shield with a patch over my sensor. The nice thing about it is, the patch does not come in contact with the sensor tape - only with the shield - so in the event the patch starts to come off it leaves the sensor tape intact. Put another patch over the shield, reapply, and you’re good to go.
I got both from Amazon and they have different colors in case your hubby is not in touch with his feminine side😊.

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Thanks, Dorie. I showed these to the hubby awhile ago and he thought it would be too hard and bulky. I do see how the tape does not adhere to the sensor tape now. Thanks for pointing that out. The FixiC patch worked really well for this past 10 days. A little shredded on the edges but it held up well during all the water sports we did and the heat we’ve had. I may still order one of these, but definitely NOT in pink! :wink:

It is rather large - I think out of necessity for coverage. I don’t know that I would call the shield “hard” per se, but it is firm - and flexible. I have no discomfort wearing it in my arm, thigh or abdomen - aside from the bright colors I selected, I don’t even notice it’s there. There are similar products also on Amazon but I don’t know how they compare in size. Happy hunting😊!

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One more idea. I use Smith & Nephew IV Prep pads. These are basically alcohol pads, but with a bit of adhesive in the solution. For me, they keep the edges of the sensor pad nice and flat/tight, but the sensor pad can still be peeled off easily enough. I’ve been using these for years. You wipe the fluid in the pad onto your site, wait for it to get good and sticky as it evaporates (10-15 seconds), then inject your sensor right through. I don’t see how this can affect the sensor thread itself, which is still in its needle injector when you put it through the swabbed area. When I first started doing this I tried to leave a clear spot in the tiny point where the needle hit; I no longer bother doing that, though.
I also use IV Prep for my infusion sets; works fine there too.

I noticed a huge increase in good “sticking” when I started cleaning the insertion area with a plain alcohol swab (and letting it dry) before inserting. It was so good I stopped using my SkinTac because they were hard to get off after 10 days!