How to Get Rid of Ketones

How do you get rid of trace ketones. I am in between negative and trace, and am wondering what happens to those ketones. Do they just disappear? Or do I need to do something?

Taylor @Darth_Yader as heur health, your body returns to “normal”, and you are not trying to loose weight, the ketone should clear.
“High” ketone level is usually associated with untreated diabetes and with diabetes that is not effectively managed by insulin. In Autoimmune diabetes, TypeOne Diabetes, the proper amount of injected/infused insulin is needed for the body to consume the foods you eat - without insulin your body would try to remain alive by breaking down your fat and mussel and the byproduct of this cannibalism is ketone which will pass from your body in urine.

When my numbers are over 300 (that’s my number, may not be yours) and I have ketones, no amount of insulin will bring them down if I don’t wash them out with sugar free liquid. Just a couple of glasses of water helps me but your amount may differ. I was taught that sugar free liquids were the treatment.

I agree with @Dennis regarding when ketones are created. @Darth_Yader are you intentionally trying to lose weight? If so ketones are a sign your plan is working. If your blood sugar is very high, that’s when you have to worry about ketones.

Ketones are eliminated by your kidneys. Stay hydrated. Out they go.