How to Keep CGM Sensor from Tugging Your Clothes

This is my most recent #DBlogWeek post. It’s probably not so much of a life hack, but since I started doing this, I haven’t had a sensor get caught on anything, much less my clothes.

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They don’t reccomend covering it either, the sensor. You can tape down the battery, but they claim it causes bad readings with the enlite system - however, I still sometimes cover mine too.

It would appear your info is out of date. Firstly, Medtronic gave me the Tegaderm dressings. Secondly, this is from Medtronic’s site.

If you look at what you sent it shows that they cut the Tegaderm in half and make an X over the battery transmitter they do not say cover the entire in like glucose system.

I’m saying they do not recommend that you cover the entire sensor with the Tegaderm tape they simply meant for you to cut the Tegaderm tape and crisscross it not completely cover it.

But if it works for you and your not have any problems great. Anyway I usually use the 4" x 4".

My information is not how to date I think you may be misunderstood my post.