How to stay health

Ok so i got the flu... and i got it really bad, had to go to the hospital and get some medicine to make me stop throwing up, then i needed IV fluides because i was so dehydrated. What are some ways to stay healthy?

hey Billy!  well I think for the most part we (diabetics) have the same probelms everyone does - so the best way to stay healthy is eat right, sleep enough, get exercise (mind and body), don't smoke.   Then we have a part OTHER people don't have - test, keep your blood sugar normal.  that's about all!  =)


I agree with Joe.  Eating right, getting enough rest and taking the time to care for yourself like anyone should are some of the best ways.  Frequent hand washing and getting a flu shot are other steps you may want to consider as both have been shown to reduce your odds of getting sick...

Let’s hope the coming year is a happy and a healthy one for us all!!!