How to Tell Roommates?

I'm going to college in October and I'm living in a dorm style area. I am curious of the best way to tell my roommates that I have type 1 diabetes and will need their help.

In the first day or two girls typically set ground rules for living together, including shower schedule, borrowing food and clothes, overnight guests, etc.  That would be an ideal time to let everyone know at one time that you have diabetes.  If your roommates don't do that, then within the first few days take a minute to tell each of your roommates that you have diabetes.  You'll likely go to meals together, so that is a natural time to mention it.  

I usually say something like, "I've had diabetes since I was __ years old.  I do okay with it, but if you ever see me acting weird make sure I drink some juice or eat candy or something with sugar."  You'll usually get lots of questions and that gives you a chance to share more.

I never had a roommate be anything but cool with me when I told them I had diabetes.  In college you'll make a lot of new friends too, so make sure the people you hang out with know.  

Take care and have a great time at school.  

I met my roommate on facebook before we came to school. I told her via facebook message because I wanted to be upfront with her and, to my surprise, she told me her mother also has T1. Thankfully, she already knew everything there is to know about T1 and didn't have any judgments or misconceptions about it.

If you do happen to know your roommate early on, I'd suggest telling her ahead of time. That way, it'll give her time to comprehend it and learn the basics on what to do if anything happens to you.

When I was a freshman, I didn't feel like my diabetes was something I had to tell my roommate, because I just plainly forgot. All my friends prior to college knew about my Diabetes, and It had been so long since I had to tell someone that would actually need to know, so it just didn't cross my mind to tell my two roommates. I also have never been unable to treat my own low or not woken myself up when I went low while sleeping.

It was within the first week though that I told one of my two roommates. It came out naturally at supper when I gave myself a shot. My other roommate, whom I didn't hang out with much, I didn't tell. She found out instead from my first roommate. The roommate who didn't know about my D was making cookies and was offering them to me, and my first roommate told her I had diabetes. Of course then my second roommate was like "AHHH I should have made them sugar free." At this point I explained some of the misconceptions to both of my roommates.

I have lived with the first roommate now for the last three years, and am set to live with her next year, and Diabetes is just another thing she is understanding about, and she probably knows more about it than she ever wanted to!

Good Luck I say, just be truthful and don't wait like I did. Waiting could become to late! Your roommates should be understanding, and you can use this as an opportunity to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes!