How to wear thee pump without worries

    the pump is great but how do u wear it? and if it shows u get the comments like "put  your phone away" and " what is that?" but yet if you try to hide it it buldges out of your clothes and looks weird what do you do?

i usually put it in my pocket or in my bra so no one sees it, that way i avoid all of those questionss :)

that's what I do! it's kinda awkward if you need to get to it, but if you're big enough on top you can slip it right in between when you're wearing a sports bra. If somebody can see that, you've got other problems than what they think of your pump! :)

haha, too truee :P

Bra tons of girls do this umm doing have a clip on it and tuck it in the front on your pants just got to play around to find where it can't be seen also back pockets of pants or pockets even if they have the Ipoid pocket slip it in there if your wearing a dress with boots and your site is in ypur leg put it in your boot

I have never uses the leg strap or bra thing, with dresses I usually just find a dress that is an empire waist so it doesn't bulg to much. Or something to take some of the bulg away is that I wear it inside out so that the screen faces my body. But with practically all my clothes I clip it to my shorts or wear shorts under my dresses, gettes a little annoying but I am so used to it, I kinda feel undressed if I don't. :)