How Waterproof is your PING Insulin Pump?

Mine has never let me down.  I have never taken my pump off to go swimming.  That includes Pools and bigger bodies of water, salt water also.  So this past weekend we were on vacation in Vero Beach, FL.  I was taking some pretty strong waves while trying to make sure my daughter was safe at all times.  TO GET TO THE POINT, there is a small bit of sand where the insulin cartridge sits.  As well the "down" button was acting funny but has since corrected.  Now I'm worried it may be causing inconsistent basal/bolus delivery.  My BGs have been abnormal ever since.   I will probably call Animas, but wanted to get some other input first. 

The week end getaway was awesome, but can anyone speak about this????


I can't talk at all about my own experience in this matter because it's never happened - yet.  However, please post the result of your phone call to Animas.  I am supposed to be going camping by a lake this weekend, so I am very interested to see what Animas says, if they cover that sort ot "damage" under warranty.  Good luck!

My son can play in water for hours at a time with his Ping and it hasn't caused any problems. We live in Florida, very near the beach, and I was specifically told to disconnect his pump when we visit the beach because the sand and saltwater can clog up around the infusion set and effect insulin delivery. I hope you can get it fixed or replaced. Good luck and let us know.  

Thanks for your replies and intrest.  I called Animas today, they have managed to impress me once again.  I have found some corrosion / rust in the battery compartment and on the battery cap,  so obviously some water got in there.  The nuts and bolts of this story is that they will replace my pump which is still under warranty.  I explained what had happened and the Animas rep. was concerned because they want to track when events like this happen.  She reminded me to change the battery cap a minimum of every six months, and every three months if I'm a frequent swimmer.  I should have the replacement  tomorow (next day air delivery).    Bye the way, Animas is advising I don't use this pump for the time being due to the corrosion and possible issue w/ power being intrupted.

The lesson learned is to follow the owner's manual and change the battery cap as instructed ( which I did).   But also keep an eye on the yellow o-ring for any deterioration.