Hpv shot and Type 1 diabetes

Just heard there might be a link between the two.  Today I checked.  My daughter had her last HPV shot Feb 2008 and was diagnosed June 2008.  Anyone else hear anything?

there are at least a couple girls on here who were diagnosed shortly after getting the HPV shot

I haven't read anything about the HPV vaccine. However, lots of people believe that MMR vaccine "caused" their T1 Diabetes, but studies have shown that there is no link between vaccination and T1, but there is a link between developing Measles and developing type 1. Research about MMR thus shows an overall reduction in development of T1, but it is implied that the reduction is because people who get the MMR vaccine don't get measles.  

It you find any articles about HPV and T1, please let me know! I think pathogenesis of T1 is fascinating. 

My daughter was given her 2nd hpv shot in Feb 2009, she was diagnosed in April of that year.  The dr.'s believe she had had T1 for quite some time though, so could possibly have been triggered by the 1st shot.  I don't think the vaccine actually causes T1, I think that it's something that you are born with and it just takes something to trigger, like a vaccination, sickness, stress.  Many people notice onset after a severe sickness from what I've read.  I think my daughter always had it in her, there are a lot of autoimmune type diseases in our family on both sides.  My grandmother, father and sister-in-law all suffer from rhuemetoid arthritis and my sister has alopecia.  My T1 daughter is a twin and her twin has yet to show any signs.