HS Senior!

I’m a high school senior trying to juggle my BG and supposed to be deciding on a college lol anyone else in the same boat??

I am a high school senior as well, and trying to manage my BG. I have my mind set on one college but other offers are compelling to me. It is a tough boat to be in, in my opinion.

Hii I have been living with diabetes for 13 years and I’m a senior at high school as well. Managing college stuff and BG is difficult but we can all make it through. My mind is set on 2 different colleges and trying to deal with everything else is hard.

Hi, I’m a sophmore, soon to be junior in high school.I’m trying to manage my BG well getting through high school, any tips?

Same here trying to decide between two schools and theres so much to consider!! Like its crunch time and I’m not ready to decide lol

@Hannah_05 Definitely can’t say I made it through all for year with the best of numbers haha but it was really helpful that the nurse and my teachers were pretty chill if I had any problems in class or anything. Although I may have abused the snacking in class thing haha but for my senior year I actually got a CGM and that has been really cool and helpful to see like where my BG is heading

i totally hear that, making a decision is not easy. were almost there though!

Hey guys! I just graduated last year, so I know how it feels trust me. I’m here if you have any questions!

Quick question. Did anyone write about having type on in their college application essay?

Hey I’m a senior in high school too. Anyone want to talk? My email is cnahin@aol.com. I trying to make friends with people my age win t1d