HSG Test?

Hello everyone!! So my doctor has decided she wants to do an HSG test. I am kind of nervous due to different things I have read online. Some say it is very painful, and others say it is fine. She did say I can take some 800mg Motrin before test. Has any of you had the test? Please share your experience! Thanks! Also out of curiosity, if a tube is blocked, has anyone heard that it can be unblocked? My doctor is actually pretty optimistic that everything is fine, but I am just so curious. Thanks!


Hello all! The HSG test was not unbearable. It is a test to see if your fallopian tubes are blocked. Not something I want to do again but not terrible. I may have an issue with one of my tubes and when she did that one it hurt bad for maybe 10 seconds. Then it was over. Hopes this helps those who may be getting one done.