Humalog Help

I was doing some research last night and remember coming across a photo and info on how to tell if your humalog has gone bad.  It had a picture of a cloudy bottle and another one that I think had bubbles on the top.  Well, looking at my daughters, she has bubbles floating on the top of hers! 

Now for the life of me, I can't find this article and photo.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  How can I visually tell if it's gone bad?  It has not been exposed to extreme heat or cold but has been shaken a bit by accident (I didn't know it shouldn't and carried it around with us).  She was really high last night too which might be telling me something.  Thanks!

I wouldn't worry about bubbles, but the cloudy seems odd.  Is there any powdery looking residue on the bottom?  If it is 30 days or less old, hasn't been too hot or frozen, I'd wonder if a sick day is coming on.  I have been using humalog for 10 years or so, a type 1 myself, and I carry it around, shake it, etc.  I have traveled in extreme heat and my log was fine with out refrigeration for 30 days.  I have camped sub freezing temps and my log was fine.  Just don't let it freeze or leave it in the car or car trunk.  If I am OK in the heat or snow, my log has been OK.  I carry it on my body.  So it gets hot and cold like I do, and is always shaken up.  I wonder if the carb count was misfigured that you gave the bolus, or if she/he is coming down with something or stressed.


As someone who took Humalog for about 10 years, I'd recommend switching to Novalog if it's possible with your insurance. It's slightly more powerful and it works faster. Sometimes I always felt like Humalog just wouldn't work or that my bottle had gone bad. I don't know why that is, but I like what I'm taking now.