Humalog to Novolog

My husband has been using Humalog for over 10 years. Recently our insurance provider required him to switch to Novolog. His endocrinologist told him that he shouldn’t notice any difference. He started the Novolog on Friday and battled with high blood glucose all weekend long. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have any suggestions?

@cgregg hi Christina, many will reply that novolog works better, worse, or whatever, the drugs Humalog and Novolog are similar. That’s why the Endo said what they said.

It scares me that you said high blood sugar all weekend. While not impossible you should at least ask for a replacement for the Novolog he has in case it was accidentally frozen or mishandled though his blood sugar would be 500+ if it didn’t work at all

You can always start from the beginning and retest carb ratio and sensitivity numbers for Novolog they may be a little different.

Other things such as stress or illness can make it look coincidental to changing insulin- so try not to rush to conclusions.

I am lucky I guess, I can change between Novolog and Humalog with zero differences

I had the same problem, when I went to pickup my Humalog refill, I was given Novolog. My insurance had switched me after 25 years on Humalog. I came home and researched it online and also called my Endo. It was identical is what I was told, although some T1 reviews said they had problems. Over the next few weeks on it I had erratic highs when I had always been stable. The nurse was able to get my insurance to again cover Humalog for me. It’s all individual, on how your body reacts to it

Hi Christine @cgregg, although Novolog and Humalog are made by totally different processes [one made from virus and the other from brewer’s yeast], they work almost identically and should be interchangeable.
Over the years, I began using Humalog when it was approved by FDA April of 1996, I’ve switched back and forth between the two and I’ve found minimal difference. His high glucose reasons could be related to some other factor.
When my insurance formularary changed, I always got a letter about two months beforehand to permit discussion with doctors; I suspect that your husband also received such notification; he could still get his Humalog but would probably have a higher co-pay.

I have used both with no remarkable differences, save one.

When I moved to Phoenix, my endo switched me to Novolog. The reason is the preservative is more heat tolerant verses Humalog. BG control improved immediately. Since moving to Cincinnati, I have been back on Humalog without any differences.