Humalog verses Novalog

I have been on Novalog since I was 15, now I am 21. My insurance is no longer covering Novolog, and wants to switch me to Humalog. Has anyone used both; if so, have you noticed any differences in the insulins? 

Thank-you! :) 

I recently switched from Humalog to Novalog, so it'll be interesting to see you do the opposite. For me, there was about a week or so where I could feel the effects of the Novalog much stronger than that of the Humalog. Now, i'm pretty used to it. But i have to say i liked the Humalog seemed a tad bit more mellow than the Novalog if that makes sense


Thank-you for your response! I completely understand where you are coming from, I find that when I take mealtime Novolog I have always had a little bit of a harsh reaction; it hits me at once, and I feel my body working to "digest" it. I will keep you updated, thanks! 

Personally I haven't noticed any difference.

I usually get some free insulin every summer from diabetes camp leftovers and it's usually both Novolog/Humalog so I use both around that time and don't notice any difference.

I've always heard that Novolog is better fit for the pump, especially in the summer, but I'm not sure why...something about max temperature it can withstand?

My daughter used Humalog in her pump for about a year. Then we started noticing she would run really high if she had slept for more than one night with her pump on. She's only 8 so, she wears her pump in a SPI belt which keeps it close to her body.  After lots of trial and error, I strongly felt that the insulin was getting too warm while she slept. Did some research and found out Novolog is more heat stable. Switched to Novolog and we haven't had a problem since.

I will say that it took us a few days to re-adjust her basal settings and her I:C ratios when we switched insulins. For her, she needed slightly less Novolog than Humalog so you may fiind you need a little more. Other than that, we haven't had any problems with switching.


Humalog and Novalog are the same exact thing they are just different companies. You won't know any difference.

I used humalog for several years and am now using novalog because of  insurance purposes. Personally I think the humalog does an overall  better job.


Novolog is a little stronger and most people need slightly less of it.  Advantage with Humalog is that it peaks sooner and is out of your system more quickly.

 I've used Humalog in my pump for many years and never had a problem.


I can't resist this opportunity to blast all the insurance companies for the way they force so many of us to change insulin brand even though everything is working all right. The insulin in Humalog and Novalog may be the same, but the other chemicals that get mixed in to make the product are not the same, and for some people this makes a difference. The insurance companies, and Medicare, should not be allowed to practice medicine!

Tom Beatson


my drug coverage wont cover humalong. i started on that. went to novo. i saw no difference

My sister and I have been on humalog for years. Last year we had a similar problem with the insurance company, they wouldn't cover the humalog and wanted us to switch to novolog. We gave it a shot for a couple months to see if it worked as well as humalog and hated it. we needed to do 4-6 more units of novolog compared to humalog and the results still weren't the same. Humalog seems to work better for us. Our mother is ok with the novolog though, so maybe it was more of a shock to our system than hers. She just became diabetic recently where as my sister  and I were diagnosed at ages 1 and 3. I think it was so different with us because we've used humalog so long.

P.S. O forgot to mention that we got a letter from our endocrinologist stating that the novolog was not a good choice of insulin for us so that  they  would cover the humalog, and they haven't giben us any problems since. I hope this is helpful.

ive been crashing alot due to health issues, im on novo as well. but my drug coverage wont cover humalog :( had no issues with it. but cant afford 85 dollars a botle either. wheras teh novo is low 60's IF i have to pay in cash. im uninsured so ive no choice in teh matter