Humalog vs. Novalog

I am the parent of an 8 year boy newly diagnosed in January of this year.  My head is still swimming from the bombardment of his condition and related care.   We are taking things one day at a time and he is being very brave.  He's on the shot therapy but we have been doing a lot of research and will eventually move to the pump.  The pump was never offered to us as an option intially which surprises me because they seem to be so popular and well received.  Does anyone know the difference between Humalog and Novalog and why one would be prescribed over another?  Thanks for any insight.


Welcome and sorry for your news.  I know it is shocking and so much to take in.  We started on the pump right away - we were given brochures in the hospital - however I understand this is not the typical practice.  Most endo's want to see that things are generally under control and then move to the pump.  I am sure there is a good reason for this. 

We started on Humalog and Lantus, then just Humalog on the pump and finally switched to Novalog.  We were told that one is not really better than the other but Novalog is supposedly less likely to clog the pump.  We have found we have much less clogs since moving to Novalog. Practically none.

Over the next year you should be able to develop a very close relationship with your son's endo.  Together as a team, you will know when he is ready for the pump.  Of course if you or your son feel you do not get the support you need, you will have to find an endo who will provide it.  Lastly, I would advise that you have a pediatric endo. if possible.  They are particulary knowledgeable in a childs needs and what is out there that will make things easier for him.

Take Care and get some sleep.




Sorry to have you as part of the club.  Humalog, made by Eli Lilly, and Novolog, made by NovoNordisk, are essentially the same kind of fast acting insulin.  They are just competing products made by two different companies.  The two brands should be interchangeable for almost everyone.  You'll hear some people say one is better than the other.  But, you'll always have that no matter the topic.  One brand might be prescribed over the other because of a variety of factors, usually focusing on money!  Health plans have deals with different companies to offer their product and doctors/hospitals might have similar arrangements.  I find it ironic that Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis prescribes Novolog rather than Humalog (made by Lilly which is headquartered in Indianapolis) because the conglomeration that owns Riley has a deal with NovoNordisk.  In my opinion, they are exactly the same and we have used both for our son.

Almost any doctor would wait before allowing a newly diagnosed patient to go on the pump.  There are so many issues when newly diagnosed that having a pump would probably complicate matters.  I assume that my son will get a pump in the next few years, but he has been on shots for over five years and we are happy with the regimen.  I know still doing syringe shots five years after diagnosis makes us in the minority but it works for us and some other families we know.