Humalog vs Novolog

My son (9 yrs old) has been on the Animas pump for 3 years.  He was on Novolog for about 2 years and did fine.  I changed his site every 3 days.  However, last year he changed to Humalog and I noticed that his A1c's are not doing as well as when he was on Novolog and also I have to change his site every 2 days.  Now, especially in the summer, living in this Florida hot's almost like everyday I have to change his site.

I'm thinking the Novolog is much better than the Humalog.  Any opinion or suggestions on this?



I think the type of insulin that works best really depends on the person. In similar posts on here, some people have said they only like humalog, others only like novolog, etc. Why did he switch types? If it wasn't for insurance reasons, what if he switched back and saw if his sugars leveled off?

Last year we switched insurance and now the Humalog is covered.   I am trying to see if I can switch him back to the Novolog and try it out. 

thanks. I appreciate your reply.