Humolog side effects

I have been on humolog for 20 years. Over the past 5 years I have had 3 heart attacks, 6 reported strokes or we believed, tingling threw my arms and legs, was never hungry, dizzy and very confused. Along with tons more complications. I kept going to the Dr and they said it is from the diabetes and my body was shutting down from going 30 years uncontroble diabetes. They kept saying I need to see a head Dr. I called the help lines and the crisis center plenty. Everything they kept telling me to help was not helping. I went back to the Endo telling her it feels more then my head. I have switched off humolog and on to novolin R as of 2 days ago. I have lost the dizziness, tiredness, tingling in my arms and legs, I can feel hot and cold in my fingers, confused has left, and i have a appetite. I have feeling in my knee again too. Anyone else experience this on humolog?

hey @lisandustin Dustin, glad to hear that something got better. you know, it doesn’t really matter what others are doing or what they think, it matters how you feel. If you do better on Novolin, then stay on it (first law of medicine: if what you are doing is working then keep doing it). Cheers

Like I said in the other post, the wierd one for me is Lantus. My potassium gets low and I start feeling different, like Im on drugs. My personality changes, I start losing impulse control, I feel dizzy and euphoric, and Im prone to outbursts.

Humalog makes my skin itch all over, and makes it really sensitive to touch.

Something that sucks about being diabetic is going to the doctor with a problem. They will always try to blame it on the diabetes it seems. Allergies, must be diabetes. Cold or flu, it must be your diabetes. When I told the doctor about the itching and hypersensitivity, he replied it was irreversible nerve damage, nothing could be done about it, and quickly changed the subject. Sure, doctors have medical degrees and thier knowledge far surpasses that of us normal folk, but you know your body, how it should feel, and when something is wrong. All the experience in the world will not give the doctor insight into what your body is telling you.

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The sorry thing about the Dr always blaming it on diabetes. Is it falls back on the family and effects the whole family. Makes it real hard on the spouse when they don’t understand the Dr is just going by what they where taught. When really they still don’t understand how this disease works completely. Hope and prayer for a cure one day soon.

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Just went to the Dr got a great visit first time in years. So this experience has made me realize. We learn to reli on or spouses to notice our changes. I have had these side effects with them progressing as the years went on about 5 years. I was loosing control. My wife should of told the Dr of her concerns instead of telling me. As a spouse of a type 1 diabetic she didn’t learn what she needed to look for or she should report it. There are responsible as a spouse of a type 1 and she failed me as some are putting it. I am having a problem excepting if she would of been as aggressive with them as she was with me to blame me. I would not of got so sick.

Hi Dustin,

I have been stuck with this fun disease for 30+’years now and have been with my husband for 17. While it’s nice if he’s able to help me out when I’m having a bad low, I would never expect him to understand what I deal with when I’m at the doctors, nor would I ever want him to talk to the doctors about what he thinks is best for me. If I can walk/talk on my own, I rely on myself and my own gut instincts if I need to discuss something with a physician. I am an adult and manage my health concerns in regards to treatment with my doctors and myself alone. If your doctor wasn’t listening to your concerns about your health, that’s on you to find a doctor that will better listen to what you want to discuss in regards to treatment. That should not be put on your wife’s shoulders to carry out what you should be able to do yourself.

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First I will just say I prey no needs to rely on your spouse as much as I was I never in a million years thought I would of put her threw that. That was my depression was worrying about how much I had to rely on my wife I couldn’t handle it. I wrote this only 2 days off of nonolog.(correction from original post) As you read my original post I couldn’t keep a thought back then and that was considerable better. I am on humilin R and have lost all these complications.
behavior change similar to being drunk
blurred vision
cold sweats
difficulty with thinking
dizziness or lightheadedness
excessive hunger
fast heartbeat
irritability or abnormal behavior
restless sleep
slurred speech
tingling in the hands, feet, lips, or tongue
dryness of the mouth
fast or weak pulse
increased thirst
irregular heartbeat
loss of appetite
mood or mental changes
muscle cramps or pain
skin rash or itching over the whole body
trouble breathing
unusual tiredness or weakness
Bloating or swelling of the face, arms, hands, lower legs, or feet
difficulty in breathing or swallowing
swelling of the face, throat, or tongue
unusual weight gain or loss.
The longer I go the more I am realizing was effected by the insulin. I was so sick I was having to rely on them heavily for lots of my normal day to day needs. Even to remember where a bathroom is in places other then our home. Or to tell me why we went here again or where we where. I am not blaming my wife for what I did to my body early in life. I want to bring attention to this because this is rare but it does happen. She is the love of my life not my caregiver she didn’t want anyone coming in and taking care of her husband. Do not mistake my post this is rant and what I have experience in this path I walked.

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It definitely sounds like you are allergic to something in Novolog/ Any of us may have this problem or develop it over the years. or instance I found some 15 years or so ago that Humalog worked, but then I switched to Novolog at the suggestion of my new endo, and found I needed 40% LESS Novolog than Humalog and control was easier all around.
ANY of us may have this kind of problem to whatever extent, not only with insulin and all the analog insulins, but all kinds of other things. Not only that it may change over the years. As with anything else all we can do about it is keep it in mind and see if it applies at some point in time.

Hi @lisandustin. I’m very blessed to never have had any allergic reactions to particular formulations of insulin, at least so far. I use a pump and had a Trujeo pen to use as basal backup in case I needed tree switch to injections along with a short acting pen. Both expired and she gave me a long acting pen I’ve never heard of before so I will take note.
I just wanted to remind you to keep in mind, some of the symptoms you described may be due low blood sugar rather than an allergic reaction - sweats, confusion, slurred speech and a number of the others you listed. I am sensitive to the fact that your doctor didn’t listen to you, and I don’t want to come across as doing that. Just remember - if you do experience them, check your CGM or do a fingerstick and document the time of the symptom and your reading so you can show your doctor if you were in the normal range at the time.
It’s important to find a doctor who listens and respects you and it’s fine to find another one of yours doesn’t. Diabetes can affect our bodies in certain ways but it’s only one part of our system; and as you will know other things can and do cause body responses we have come to associate with diabetes, that are unrelated. Wishing you all the best and congratulations on finding a formulation that works well for you.