Not sure were to put this. Alright I am bored, it's the middle of the night and I should not have drank those 2 diet Mountain Dews. My mind started to think how the general masses(better word?) have some funny ideas about diabetes, us on top.

OK, here's my idea let's use these misconceptions (wow I spelled that right go me) to our advantage. You know when the diabetes police appear, try this. Keep a 1/4 tablet of Alka-Selzer near by. When they say "You can't eat that" or something along those lines (you know). Take a bite of the food in question, cough a little and as you cover your mouth (look at that spelled misconceptions right but can't spell mouth LOL) throw the 1/4 tablet in your mouth. Quickly look at the person in question and say" Wow you're right!" about now you should be foaming at the mouth, make funny noises and have fun. Oh, also good for the server person who brings you a regular instead of diet. Just kidding, but just thinking of the possible faces "Cost Priceless" ROFLMAO  I think I need sleep!!!

There you go I am thinking of a few things like this and going on the road as "Diabetic Daddy"

I love social experiments. :)

haha just reading that made my day!!!

hahaha thats funny, the other day I had to participant in a flash mob for a class and I thought it was dumb initially but it turned out to be fun.  Gotta lotta looks from people.


I would love to do a Candid Camera thing. Another, sitting somewhere getting ready to inject, you get that funny look. Fill the syringe poke, roll your eyes and make weird happy funny noises. I guess thinking like this a release for not looking at the people who say stupid things. Really would like to say. "yea it's the bad one, but it's treatable unlike being stupid!"