Hunger Pains

So When I started pumping (2.5 weeks ago) I noticed I felt hungrier more often. I was certainly hoping it would go away, but it hasn't to this day!

It's basically like this....

I'll eat breakfast at 9am... then lunch at Noon... no problem

but around 3pm my stomach has the hunger pain. It's doesn't "growl" or w/e like I'm hungry... but it has that pain. I hope this makes sense because I can't explain it. Then I'll have some sort of snack, usually peanut butter with crackers or an apple. Then I'll eat dinner by 5 or 6. I get those same pains around 8 or 9.

I tried letting it go and ignoring it, but then it just got so bad I had to eat something. Usually at night like that I'll eat pudding, applesauce, or popcorn.

I have no idea what to do. My doctor said it was normal but I DO NOT want to gain weight. Absolutely not. I want to avoid this by all means.

just a few notes
numbers have been perfect. Nothing too abnormal and definitely better from when I was on MDI.
I added up the numbers and I'm averaging between 30-40 more carbs a day than when i was on MDI. Which can add up!

Any ideas!? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

One way to keep a full feeling is to simply eat more fruits and veggies.  The fiber in them helps you feel full.  Oatmeal is helpful too.  Of course, you can also add more excercise to balance your eating.  I don't know if what your control was before the pump, but if you gain weight it could be due to better control.  If that is the case a few pounds may be healthier than a higher A1c.

I never thought about that... thank you :)

More water too.

It will fill you up without the calories. I think of it as body lube.

Body lube... LOL.

I wonder if the hunger pains you are feeling is more because if you were like I was pre pump, you would be snakcing more often to keep your sugars up. So now you have a better sugar balance you are eating less. I do have to agree with drinking more or chewing gum or something else.

Oh well, those are my thoughts.

On the technical side, I'm assuming your MDI left you with some hours of having little to no insulin in your system (I think some of the fast acting insulins are out of your system in ~2 hours).  Normally, the body increases insulin levels when it prepares to eat.  I'm guessing that your body is interpretting the now constant availability of insulin as a sign its time to eat.  Your system may adjust to it over time, not sure.