My  5 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 a week ago. He is doing ok with all the injections and blood sugar stuff, his complaint is that he is always hungry. He  is eating every 3 hours, 3 meals at 60 carbs and 2 snacks at 20. Now he is eating more food and more frequently then ever.  I'm feeding him high protein with meat and cheese for snack in between the three hour meals. His blood sugar is still in the 200-300s. with some 400s. The lowest reading I have gotten is 165, this morning after he woke up. I know he is eating so much due to his sugar being high. He will have a full healthy meal (dinner tonight he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chicken breat patty, orange, and brocolli and cheese) he is STARVING 10 minutes later.  He now prefers to eat oatmeal because if fills him up the longest.

Any suggestions on food?

in order to keep him feeling fuller for a litte longer, he will want to increase foods that have protein, fiber, and fat. the dinner you gave him is very healthy, but it doesn't have much fat or fiber in it (it's pretty good on protein!). those 2 will help slow down digestion, keeping his little tummy full. if he enjoys eating them, he can fill up on veggies. they have lots of fiber in them and have minimal effect on the blood sugars.

i know its going to be hard him being 5 and all but veggies are always good, meat is good too. but cheese might not be good, for me cheese absorbs slowly and it takes a LONG time for the insulin to work

Don't know if this will help?? When I was first dx'ed and my bs started to return to normal(?) I felt low when my bs was still high, 180 made me feel low, also for me the low feeling is kind of like when I am hungry. I have to check my bs sometimes to find out if I am low or hungry. The flavored packages for water have no sugar (free) and help me feel full, tastes sweet and it's water. LOL Maybe that help him.

my son is also 5 and was diagnosed last year. when he is hungry and it is not meal or snack time we offer free snacks. some of his favourites: cheese strings, sausage, carrotts, cucumber, peanuts (we buy the ones in the shells then it takes longer to eat them too:), free (sugar free) jello. either that we make or premade jello brand in the fridge section.

we have found things easier since we switched to lantus for our long insulin as now all his meals are on an insulin to carb ratio so he is not limited by a certain number of carbs. that way he can pick how much he wants to eat so he usually isn't hungry later. he doesn't get a morning snack anymore (but he can have one with extra insulin but usually doesn't). sometimes at breakfast a bowl of cereal is enough, but a few days this week he has wanted cereal, a piece of toast, a waffle and a piece of fruit and i thought he wouldn't be able to eat it but he did. i guess what i am saying that by using the insulin to carb ratio he can eat til he is full which carries him well to the next meal. we are also looking at going on the pump just as soon as we can find the money. he is looking forward to even more freedom with eating once we can start pumping:)