My 6 year old t1 seems to always be hungry and wants to eat every hour,I try my best to only feed him every 3 hours but its difficult when he starts crying and saying hes starving.Does this have anything to do with his bg levels?Is their something that I should look for?Please someone Help me I dont want him to gain any more weight.   


Are you checking his BGs when he says he is hungry? That can be a sign of LOW or HIGH so you might want to check - then you can treat the low if need or if high, just wait until the 3 hour check to determine if a correction is needed.

You could also try low carb/low calorie snacks. Veggies would be my suggestion since many have lots of fiber (filling) and are essentially carb free, even if he normally wouldn't eat them. Basically, I'd say "This is what you can have for a snack right now." If he is really starving  he will probably try them. (And extra veggies can't hurt!) The other suggestion is air-popped popcorn. 1 cup I think is like 5 carbs and could help if he just wants something to munch on.  I'd also make sure he is getting enough protein during meals as that can help with making him feel full longer.

Is he overweight that you are concerned about gaining? What is your endo or diabetes team suggesting? Is there a dietician as part of it that might help? Even if not, you might be able to find a dietician that could help (find one that specializes in diabetes care.)

I hope this helps! Good luck!