this could be something or it could be nothing. for the last week or 2, i noticed i have beed hungrier than usual. i can eat almost as much as i would at a meal as i did before being diagnosed with diabetes but not as often(as in every 2 hours) as before. its been almost a year since being diagnosed

You're in a growing spurt?

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You're in a growing spurt?



that would be a disaster! i just got a ton of new clothes this summer, including a pair of 40$ jeans that fit me perfectly! but i havent noticed any growing or clothes getting small.

Have you been running low or high? Those make me hungry, but I'm fine once I fix the problem...

nothing unusual. ive been a little bitt high(8-9) almost constantly for months but the last few days my control has been excellent and ive seemed to be the hungriest then.