Hypoglycemia Sensitivity

One of our members recently wrote a blog post about being hypo sensitive on her blog.http://t1n-migration.10uplabs.com/t1n_member_posts/hypoglycemia-sensitivity/ If you have also experienced this she is looking for some support from others!

Daily Living and Low BS…Ok, who ever reads this, please take it seriously!!! I know, the audience, in whom I speaking to, knows and understands! By starting out, I have lived with T1D going on for 21 years and still make rookie mistakes!!! By the way, I’m not sure if this would be the perfect “group” to post this sort of thing in, but anyways…proceeding! So, I am currently in the middle east with very little resource around me. The other day, I experienced a severe low bs…something that I should have & could have avoided. This doesn’t happen to me often. I was busy working…I felt low bs coming on and figured I had plenty of time!!! LOL, I soon found myself short of that critical time, in which I should have attended to my bs.

The above, is normal stuff, but the rest of the story turns out very nicely!

So, I’m tending to something, ignoring all the signs of low bs. Before I know it, I become quiet and confused. Trying to figure out the what?, the where?, and the who? You all know what I’m talking about…this hasn’t happened to me in years. Anyways, I remember very little, but I do remember one thing. A foreigner walks up to me, asking me:
Pakistani–"Jaime, you ok?"
Me–"Yes, I’m ok"
Pakistani–“No, I don’t think so” (in broken English)
Me–“I’m ok”

This particular individual, I have never spoken to about my condition, but he evidently knew I had it, due to the fact of being caught by him as I was injecting a insulin shot. He quickly went into action, calling the “office boy.” Mind you, this is completely without asking him to do so. The “office boy” comes to my location handing me a bottle of orange juice…he had 3 bottles of fresh orange juice in his hands!! Let me just say, that considering the condition I was in, confused out of my mind, etc…there was no reason why I shouldn’t have passed out around all these foreigners and me being the only American. It happened so suddenly.

Here is the best part…I later find out, the gentleman who noticed these signs of low bs, has T1D and has had it for as long as I have. Wow, this amazes me…talking about a God sent angel, it took a Pakistani who payed close attention to me as though he was looking out for me!

Since I arrived here, I have battled with low blood sugars. I don’t eat as much as I should here. If you were here, you would know why. I’m consistently adjusting my injection intake base upon my food intake. Anyways, I hope whoever is reading this will be amazed just as much as I was!