Hypoglycemic Alarm

Hey all,

Another question for the masses. So my folks bought me a hypoglycemic alarm from the UK. It reads lows based on sweat and body temp. Apparently sweating and a drop in body temp are common symptoms of hypoglycemia. Anyways, it is supposed to wake you up in the middle of the night if this occurs. I should be going on a CGM soon but they suggested that I wear this in the meantime in case of overnight lows. Any experience or advice with one of these devices? Thanks.


How is this working for you so far?

It woke me up the first night I tried it twice for no apparent reason. I tested my blood and read 132 and 127 respectively. It now sits turned off on my night stand. I might give it another whirl soon but thats highly doubtful right now.

I guess it's too good to be true or everyone would have used one before cgm's came out...

Hope you get your cgm soon!

Sounds like the Glucowatch, an early, non-invasive CGM that was discontinued in the US due to similar problems with unreliability.