Back to acting like a responsible person again. Done not caring about my health. Taking my life into my hands like I should have been all this time. I lost 110 pounds back in 2002 and was featured on Oprah. I had pretty severe lows and the were scary. I know that it is a lot of trial and error adjusting my insulin pump settings. I mentioned on another thread that there is a book called Pumping with Insulin by John Walsh. Some of the pump stuff can be a little tricky. I am going back on the sensor so I know when my sugars are taking a nose dive. Just very anxious about dealing with the lows. Any advice would be great.


Hypos are tough because there is such a mental component to it. I think we can all say we’ve gone through periods of not managing our BG as tightly as we should for fear of going low. The good news is, once you can even out the peaks and valleys and get more stable numbers, you will feel the lows coming on more quickly in the 60’s or even 70’s and be able to come back up faster. When you’re rollercoastering, you may not feel them come on until you’re in the 50’s or lower, which as you know can take a while to recover from and you get the hypo hangover. I hope the CGM works well for you. I’ve been pumping for 12 years and just recently started the CGM. Have had issues finding good spots to put it, but when I find one it works well!