Hypothyroidism and diabetes :(

im sure im not the only diabetic with an underactive thyroid, but it feels that way. not only does it make it hard to lose weight, it screws with my sugars! synthroid is what i take, and it tends to elevate my sugars after i take it and it doesnt seem to matter how much insulin i take to cover the sugar spike, it doesnt help!

does anybody else have problems with that? if so, what do you do to prevent that dreaded sugar spike?

I completely understand... I was diagnosed with hashimotos a couple years ago, and have been struggling to try and get the weight off, and it's just not happening. So you are not alone! I take levothyroxine, and it doesn't seem to mess with my blood sugars. I don't know what to tell you about the sugar spike...


I am also on levothyroxine and I have not had any trouble with my bloodsugars--maybe you should talk with your doctor about switching? The weight issue is very frustrating...I was gaining weight while eating healthier and exercising more, and I am at a standstill where I can't lose any of the weight I gained.


I was diagnosed with T1 diabetes in March 1989 (at age 7) and then with hypothyroidism in August 1989 (at age 8). I don't know if it's because I was young and active when I started on synthyroid but it has never affected my BG readings in an obvious way.

If you care to venture into holistic things, I've heard of "desiccated thyroid" pills which are pork thyroid glands that have been dried, ground and purified. They contain no sugar or other additives that would increase BG. Maybe that would help?

Hi Andrea. I was diagnosed back in 2007 with Type 1. Just recently, I was diagnosed with Type 2! My family and I thought it was a joke, but it's true! I can tell you how I did it, but I don't want to offend anyone here who believes no cure is possible. You can email me directly and I will answer you: info@thehealthfoodguru.com

i tried the other medicines similar to syntrhoid and they don't seem to work on me.

Hi Melanie, I have been a T1 since 1975, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1992.  I also take Synthroid, and it does spike my blood sugar a bit.  I take a few extra units of NovoLog to cover the spike, and it seems to work for me.  It is very frustrating though!


How many miligrams of syntrhoid do you take every day? I take 150 mg of Thyronorm. I had fluctuations in the morning too. It has reduced since I started eating or drinking only one hour after I swallow my pill.

See if that helps.


For me, eating a clean paleo diet really helped on the weight side (I'm hypothyroid - suspected Hashimoto's) - anyhow - I'd give the paleo thing a 30 day shot and see if it (a) helps and (b) is something you can live with - for me - the pain of switching has been well off-set by the health benefits (20% lower insulin, no more allergy meds, normalized weight, improved energy) - and (as we all know) everyone is different - anyhow - I'd give Robb Wolf's approach a trial for 30 days and see what if any changes you find...



I also take synthroid. I have taken it for 7 years now.  After taking my pill, my blood sugar levels use to run around 250 and I couldn't figure out why.  Last year, I was told to wait an hour before eating. You could try that. I usually take it really early in the morning, with a large glass of water. After an hour I eat breakfast, my blood sugar levels are usually around 120-140. With the weight loss, I have tried working out and eating less, which didn't work. I talked with my endocrinologist, she recommended Symlin- it's a injectible medicine that helps with BS levels, A1C levels, and it can also help with weight loss. Hope all works out

- Amanda

i take 112 mg of it. i take it before bed though. i wake up too late in the morning to take synthroid and wait an hour since i get up right before my classes start.

Hi Melanie,

I was diagnosed at Easter 1999, with both T1 and hypothyroidism. I'm taking 200mg of Thyroxine a day, and I haven't noticed a fluctuation in my levels by taking it. To be honest I've been pretty slack with taking my tablets in the past and I firmly believe that by me doing so, it saved my life! Only in the sense that it kept some weight on me after a heavy series of DKA's... I take it every day now, however, and have no dramas. Although I am hearing you on the weight issues. As well as having to combat the fat producing insulin, we have the extra fun of having to deal with this as well!

Just noticed your comment above, and wanted to say that I have always been told, that taking the meds for the hypothyroidism is more beneficial in the mornings on an empty stomach, what are your hormone levels doing? Are they all ok?


my hormones are at a normal level (whatever normal is). i havent had to change my dose in the last year so i assume its at a steady level. i go back to my endo on november 23 so ill find out if i need to increase my dose or not then.

I also have type 1 since 1993 and have had thyroid issue since 1999. I take levothyroxine 112 M c g. I have taken the same dose for 12 years. I have never noticed any BS spike. I take dose each morning as soon as I get up on an empty stomach. Wish you the best of luck.