I am a T1D now


I am 26 years old. I was wrongly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in October. They erroneously based this on family history alone (both parents have been T2 for 10+ years). I did not believe that I was T2 and after noticing my responses to food, my CDE pleaded with my doctor to order antibody tests. We were right. I got the correct diagnosis in March. I guess I am just honeymooning quite a bit. I’ve heard that if you get diagnosed later in life, honeymoons typically last longer. Is this true? In the past week or so, I’ve noticed my insulin requirements have gone up quite a bit. I just cannot get my BG down!

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to my new T1D people!

Hi - I think I’m in the same boat! I was diagnosed in March and I’ve noticed in the past few weeks my blood sugars have been rising. My fasting sugars were 90-100 but now they’re up to 130-150 range. Curious to know if this is usually as well…

hello @Sir_Rupert diabetes can be difficult to exactly diagnose esp if you don’t fit the cliche. The outcomes are the same though, even the treatments are similar; a typical childhood diagnosis of T1 they put you straight on insulin, with a 20 something and a family history of t2, they’ll start you on t2 meds until they don’t work anymore then you end up on insulin just the same. the game is the same = try to keep your blood sugar as normal as possible - easy, right! grrrrrr.

yes there is even a diagnosis for very slow onset type 1, it’s called type 1.5 or sometimes LADA. There were even some studies on how to keep the honeymoon going for years in slow onset. I think it’s common for long honeymoons with T1.5 good luck, welcome to the web site and hello as well @Dobers !

I was diagnosed at 36. I had been told years before that I would eventually have type one. See I had Addison’s and Grave’s. I went through three years of not knowing what was going on. I saw a neurologist and went to the Mayo Clinic twice, along with my Endocrinologist I had seen for ten years. All the docs said is “well we will have to wait for more symptoms” or “go home and live your life normal”. I lost 20 lbs. and I would fall asleep setting straight up. I was a mother of two! After two and a half years my sugar went up with no explanation. I recently got a pump and am now working on get the correct amount of insulin. I do believe the Honey moon period is longer in adults. Good luck!


Is that fasting glucose with or without insulin? Even with insulin, mine are a lot higher than that.

For some reason this week, I just cannot get below 150 no matter what I try. I keep giving insulin but to no avail. This really is a disease of trial and error

Have you increased your back ground (long acting insulin)? My numbers were higher no matter how much Humalog I took. Then my doctor increased my Levemir and my numbers were better.


This is when I wake up and before I eat/give myself Humalog. I take Lantus at night. You’re right - it is trial and error. I’m going to schedule an appointment with my Endocrinologist to see what’s going on.