I am a teacher

Hmm, maybe just have a "intro" day or something?

I know my mom is returning to college and they had an assignment where they had to prepare a ten minute speech about themselves (i think it was a smaller class, so it wouldn't take more then one class period or two). You could do that, and make a speech yourself, just adding in there that you are diabetic, and a little blurb about how you get it/control it.

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That's a tough one.. I'm only 16, and in high school - but diabetes is my social weakness.  I don't tell people that I'm diabetic unless they ask about my pump or something. Whenever I tell people, like you, they assume that they know everything about it. In health class as a freshman, the teacher taught about type 2 diabetes, but not once did she mention type 1. It makes me mad. Anyways, if I were you, I'd probably not come right out and tell them, but I wouldn't hide it either. If a situation comes up where you need to eat something, or whatever - you could mention it. good luck! :)



We had this problem as well. My health teacher only taught about type 2. so I talked to him and asked him if I could have a day to explain Type 1 and the differences. I was nervous to talk about it at first, but it felt so good to know that finally everyone in my class knew what i had and didn't have the "oh, she ate too much sugar" mindset.

I am so grateful for this site. You have, each responder, given me a world of comfort and ideas.

This site is such a wonderful resource. Thank you to everyone who responded. So much of the drama comes from assumptions and annoyances related to outer perceptions of T1 or "opinions." And nurses...I have had encounters with nursing people who have "informed" me that I was only supposed to check four times a day, and that a blood sugar level of 65 was "normal." Whew...people...

I need to go to sleep now...more later. Thank you again!



You would think that of course people would never do that. I wish that was the case. It is not the case. Some precious few are absolutely immoral, cruel, vindictive, unethical...to name a few characteristics. They were reared by bully parents to be bully people. God forbid you say that screaming and threatening gestures are unacceptable. God forbid that you say that you shouldn't be treated like garbage. God forbid that you ask for the same respect that these precious few seem to feel is their right alone. God forbid that you say that it is unacceptable to be called words like f******* b****. God forbid. I mean, what's a professor to these people, any way? It's someone that, with parental intervention, gets to abide by any crap you can get away with, evidently.

I'm not in a good place right now. I am sick to death of lying, vindictive overgrown children and their helicopter parents who are worse than them, who reared them to be the lying, vindictive bullies that they are now.

I had a wonderful day in spite of the con artists. Three to a massive amount of hard working and decent, ethical people is not a bad ratio.