I am getting a Pump!

Ok I am getting a pump but I don't know which one I should get! There is the Medtronic Minimed ot the One Touch Ping. Can I get some advice on which one I should get



hi Ellie.I wish I could help you decide-but my daughter takes shots. Is that a bracelet on your wrist ? May be just something you wrote. I need to find my eye glasses.ha

Hi Ellie,

I have been with Medtronic/Minimed for 15 years. Over the past nine years the company has really gone down hill in my opinion. The customer service has really been horrible lately,  and I have gone through two recalls with their products. Next month I will be switching to the Animas Ping.

That's disappointing to hear, Happy Vegan! I've been on a Minimed pump for over a year and I've found their company to be... well, nothing short of incredible. Perhaps its all a matter of reps/contacts/area or something, but I've always, always been impresed with the product, their willingness to help me out the second I call for it, and the company. My vote? Go Minimed :D


I can't really give you much advice, because I'm currently using the Cozmo insulin pump. However, because they are going out of business, I am switching over to the Animas Ping really soon. I've read a lot about it, and I'm excited for the switch. It seems like it is the best pump out there (at least for me). It's waterproof, has a separate remote thing, and can give the smallest dose of insulin out of all pumps. Also, the rep who I talked to (who is also T1) told me that out of all of the infusion sets she's used- Cleos, the Medtronic ones, and one other (I can't remember which)- she thinks the Inset is the best. She said she can never feel it, and she's never had any problems with those sets.

I've also heard good things about the Minimed, though, as well as bad things. It all really just depends on your preference and your lifestyle.



i use minimed and it is wonderful! you can get a cgm with it and the customer service is great! i had a problem with the reservoir/infusion set connecting and we called them and the guy went and got a resrvoir and tried it all out to give us the info we needed and he stayed on the phone until we knew that everything was working perfectly. and when i had problems with the cgm sensor, the person who answered must have spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with it. and she was very nice.

but my dad says that when animas gets a cgm built into the pump, minimed will be out of business they are both great comanies though!

I second Ellie's comments on Medtronic/MiniMed going downhill.  Like Ellie, I have a lot of experience with their pumps (20 years in my case).  Customer service has plummeted, and the pump sales reps have become viciously competitive -- infinitely more interested in a sale than in patient care.  So much so that they are willing to lie during their current sales pitches about their competition.  Although the Medtronic acquisition of MiniMed is old news, the acquisition killed a lot of the previously superlative customer service and training.  Just my personal experience.

I just switched to the OmniPod and love it.  The Ping was my second choice -- it's also a great pump.


I have recently moved from the Minimed Pump to the Animas Ping. I like both pumps and I did a review on the two of them. You can check it out here. I feel that Medtronic is a great pump I truly just felt that they have been slow in updating things. I have been told they have something new in the works, but who knows how long it will be until that happens. Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to ask though, I love to answer questions.

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If you have any questions feel free to ask though, I love to answer questions.


Maybe I'm just being emotional...  BG a little high or low???...  but I love this answer, Brian!  That is, after all, why we're all here!

Well it's the truth, if I can provide answers I really like to help. It goes back to that other post when we talked about us trying to be more helping people inclined.