I am in Miami till Tuesday

Hey guys,

I am in Miami taking a 5-day Mastering your Diabetes Program at the Diabetes Research Institute. So, if you try to contact me and I don't get back to you right away thats why, its not me ignoring you! I promise to get back to later that day. The course is from 9-4pm Thursday-Monday.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up of my schedule for the next couple of days!



You go everywhere! lol.

This summer has been super busy for me. I am usually not this exciting lol

You're going to make time to go to the beach, right? Florida is hellishly hot, but the ocean is PERFECT!

I hope you have fun in Miami!!!

Have fun Gina! I bet you are exciting. You don't have to be exciting by going places. lol. Don't get too crazy. lol. jk. :)

Gina, When I read the topic of this post "I'm in Miami till Tuesday" I laughed. Have you ever heard the song "I'm in Miami..." (clean version is better) by LMFAO ? Some people may think it is stupid but I like the beat to the song. I heard it while I was at the beach and thought it was funny you are there (Miami) now : )

I hope you're learning lots of new information and having fun too.