I am looking into a pump for my 3 yr old. Any suggestions?

I am looking into a pump for my 3 yr old. Any suggestions?

I'm not sure I am aware of any pump that is simple enough for a 3 year old to manage on their own. I would definitely discuss this with the doctor. If your child DOES go on the pump, I would imagine that you as the caregiver would have mange it for them.

Yes I would be the one managing the pump not my son. I was just looking for suggestions on which pumps everyone thought was the best

I would go to this site to see all the available pumps (and their features) at a glance.


Then see which one would best fit your child's lifestyle. Then I would go to that pump manufacturer's page and read more of the specifics.

I have sued the MiniMed... very good pump, very durable, and the company gives GREAT support. (I used MiniMed for over 15 years with no problems or complaints!) I recently switched to the Cozmore pump simply because of additional features that better fit my lifestyle.

we use the animas ping. We love it! It has a meter that trasfers to the pump which is great. It has a very small basil rate if you need it. It is waterproof. We have tested that time and time again. It comes in fun colors and so do the infusion sets. It will soon work with the dexcom cgm. The customer service has made pumping a good experience. The company is just there for you. Thats my choice. I would talk with your endo. They could have reps talk to you so you can see which would be best for you. Good luck.

Animas pumps can generally deliver the smallest doses of insulin (perfect for young kids)

I use the Animas Ping, and a 4 year old friend of mine uses the Animas 2020.

I have had perfect blood sugars ever since, and he is well in control also. Hes had less severe lows, and its easier to see how much he has on board! The doses are really precise due to the small ammounts they can deliver, so my blood sugars are rarely out of range. (My A1C dropped from 7.9 to 6.5 just in the last three months!!!!!)

Only issue with the pump for Christian (4 year old) is that they have limited spots to put his sites (only on his butt because he is so skinny)

Animas pumps have cool colored sites too! (green pink blue etc.)

deffinetly one to consider for small children, but your doctors would know what might fit you best too!


My 7 year old daughter is on the OmniPod.  It is the tubless one.  We love it for that fact.  I am not that familiar with other pumps so I don't want to give you false information.  I think they basically do the same things.  I know that the OmniPod only calculates insulin on board from a previous correction not a meal bolus while other do both.  It holds up to 200 unites of insulin.  Which is probably fine for your son since he is so young.

She wears it on her stomach, thighs and lower back.  So plenty of areas for site changes.  It only weights 2 oz w/insulin.  My daughter forgets she has it on.  It can go in the water up to 8ft.  She swam with it all summer.  You don't have to take it off during activities/showers.  You can lower/raise the basal in seconds.

Their website is MyOmniPod.com 

Good luck.