I am on Live Radio Tonite!

Tune in tonite at 8pm eastern time Tonite! and listen to me on the Diabetes Living Today radio show! www.wvlt.com

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Remember us when you're giving interviews all over the world?


But really, congrats, Gina!! Good luck, you've got Juvenation's support :D

tell everyone about juvenation, if you can!

How did it go, Mrs Gina??

[quote user="Alyssa"]

How did it go, Mrs Gina??


Haha! Alyssa you made it sound like she was a teacher. Well i guess she is kind of. She is our looker outer person. lol :) How did it go? I forgot to listen to it!

Maybe it's archived?

And technically, she's Juvenation's Mother, we decided this a while ago on some post - most likely on a Friday night when no one had anything to do, per usual :P But does that make her out cyber/pixal once removed mother in law??

Haha! She is also the queen of Diabetes Island. Where she sits on her throne and waves her magical wand. lol. She is our virtual mother.

Ha, that sounds weird for some reason LOL. Ha ha, yes, I remember that queen bit ;P The fun we have!!

So, Gina. What's the relation? LOL

OMG you two are so funny! I like being the queen of diabetes island, I am still trying to get used to all of my kids here in cyber world though. Its weird being a cyber mom LOLOLOL

LOL; 6,000+ children, huh?

Wow that's alot of children Gina! :)

LOL. I have been busy

Think of me like the old woman in the shoe. Had so many cyber kids she doesn't know what to do ! LOLOLOL

haha! Ok little old lady in the shoe. lol. I can be your agent. I have a letter from the osteoporosis people. They want you as their spokesperson. lol. Jk. Do you accept???? lol