I am procrastinating

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i usually celebrate when i do something i'm dreading too. i'll usually let myself go shopping. i love to buy books and movies. cds if something good is out.


I'm pretty sure that I spend most of my money on books. (=

If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd go buy is tons of books. There are so many that I want to buy. But then I'd have to buy some more bookshelves, or build a library into my house. The bookshelf in my room is already overflowing with books. Haha.

THANK YOU, SARAH! my mom insists i have waaay too many books even though i always tell her you can never have too many.

if i won the lottery, the first think i would do is find a different place to live :o) then i'd spend it on building a library in my new awesomeness :o)

I would like to win the lottery, however the money would only be just a plus.

I would like the satisfaction of picking all of the numbers myself. No quick picks. That's a pretty cool reward in itself to know that you called all x amount of numbers.

The money would be nice too :)

I'd buy citizenship to another country, and a house.

you can buy citizenship?! that's amazing! one day when i'm rich and famous, i'm going to be a citizen of EVERY country :D

On top of buying a boat load of books, I would buy a huge Victorian mansion, go on a trip all around Europe, go to Indonesia and Australia, and buy a red '66 Mustang. (=

Oh, and save enough to pay for the college I want to go to, which is just a tad lot more expensive than I can afford right now. =P