I am really happy about this

Today was pump site change day. Nomely my mom or dad or one of my brothers does my pump for me just the needle part. But today changed...I did not want to have my family always doing my pump for me so I did it my self. I did not think I was going to be able to do it but I did. I told my mom and she asked if I would be able to do it all the time my by self. I told her yes but not why it's goes in the arm..


I am very proud of you!   That took courage and confidence in your ability to make the transition to doing it yourself - AWESOME!!!  


Keep it going, kid - you're doing great.



Thanks A-D!

I was not really sure I could do it. Before I did it I was scared to death to do it. Before that I never wanted to change my pump. But now I cant wait to change my pump. :)